Truck Driver Launches Website To Help Travelers Find Black Owned Restaurants

Truck drivers spend a lot of time on the road and the meal options can be hit or miss. The simple act (seemingly) of finding a seasoned piece of meat can turn into an adventure, when you’re away from home. Edward Dillard has been a truck driver for almost 15 years and in that time, he experienced his share of frustrations — supporting Black owned businesses is hard enough when you’re at home and that much more difficult, when on the road. Eat Black Owned is a new website designed to solve that very problem.

Dillard, according to Black Enterprise, spent five months researching various restaurants around the country. The process sort of reminds us of how the Green Book was formulated, which helped Black travelers identify safe eating and lodging options. He used YouTube and Google to educate himself on how to build a site for Eat Black Owned, which features more than 2,000 Black owned restaurants across the country. Everyone loves to eat and with each bite we take, we could recycle billions of dollars into the Black community, if we’re intentional about our spending. Dillard has created a platform to help Black consumers do just that. Every single address featured on the site, Dillard personally researched. Eat Black Owned was truly a labor of love.

For generations, Black people have given America its seasoning — quite literally. The American culinary experience is what it is today because of Black people. It stands to reason, then, that Black people today have a great deal to offer consumers with respect to dining. When viewed through that lens, supporting Black owned restaurants isn’t a charitable act but in fact a decision to eat the very best (and avoid unseasoned meat). Unlike in days past when the Green Book was necessary to avoid physical violence and terror, an eating guide today helps Black people and businesses stay alive, economically. Eat Black Owned is a fabulous platform that can help Black consumers fill their stomachs while filling our community with opportunity.

via Truck Driver Launches Website To Help Travelers Find Black Owned Restaurants | How We Buy Black

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