Did I just become popular????

micheal k holds glass

OK I noticed in the last week or my hits and blog subscriptions have went through the roof and although I reposted some of my more informative posts across social media, it almost seems spam like…ya know??

If that’s the case, then thank you all of my new subscribers and I’d like you to say hi… hell tell me what brought you here so I can give your more of that flavor that you savor lol

Anyways, been fighting a sinus infection for about a week now and had to give a flaky client the heave ho…. nothing personal for me even though the (so-called) Christian gentleman tried to be insulting and call me unprofessional even though they have canceled face-to-face meetings at the last minute multiple times. This gentleman has been flaky from day one and has been blowing smoke up my ass for a good 2 years now about this business idea of his. I even threw together some business card & flyer mockups for him and his business partner (who seemed nice just attached to his BS) even though they didn’t seem to have much of an idea of what they wanted or wanted to do and even discussed this in front of me, which was not a good sign of solidarity and being on the same page. A deposit for a website package (to secure the domain name and hosting as well as complementary logo design and promotional images) was supposed to be paid recently and was not addressed in the cancellation of the meeting. When this was brought to their attention, the gentleman said we could talk about it… what is there to talk about? I don’t work for free…. you pay or you go…. seems pretty simple to me but alas it’s seems too many people want to do business but do not know how to conduct business. Not to mention, the free consultation that he got as far as getting things like QR codes and a free business phone number through Google Voice which would have saved them a lot of money compared to the information he was recieving through whatever means he acquired it. Also, he took some previous work I did to someone else and have to put together a terrible business card which made him come back to see more for his graphic needs. Folks always trying to get something for nothing but as my wife says, I do too much and I low ball myself and this ends now.

On a brighter note, I posted a few new gaming videos…. so check em out….

I plan on mixing LR Radio episode 31 in the next few days so stay tuned… got a few new promo videos…. let me know what you think?


and I’m putting the finishing touches on a new ad for my video services…

Til next time…. keep it funky and stay free!!

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