That Rona ain’t got me yet lol nor will it….

Was sappening! It’s your friendly neighborhood nerd with thugged out tendencies checking in…

Life is still normal despite the panic that is currently goin on and not cuz I don’t think shit ain’t real but it’s some fishyness going on on a whole lotta levels…. and I’m not elderly nor have respiratory issues or a compromised immune system so I’m just dealing with the madness of having to order toilet paper online lol It’s made of bamboo so I’ll give a review when I get it… I’m always trying some new ish

I realized I haven’t shared any of my new video creations outside of my gaming stuff and even most of that is like a month or 2 old cuz my scatter brained azz forgets to upload stuff. I just been having some many ideas and just putting em down but not sharing so I’ll do better to rectify that.

Oh and the bombardment of new good music… not including that Jay Electronica album aka the 2 Jays lol

I’m at work on episode 31 of the Lord Rakim Radio Show also…. just need to sit down and mix it now that I have the playlist together (always the hard part with all the newness on deck) and I need some more drops!!

lr-radio drop info

anyways on to the videos…







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