Confused About Face Masks? Watch This Informative Video – LifeSavvy

Take anything the CDC says with a grain of salt…

The CDC recently changed its stance on face masks, and there’s a lot of confusion resulting from the sudden shift from recommending against them to recommending everyone wear them. Watch this video to get up to speed.

During the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States, the CDC recommended against the use of face masks by the average person. They’ve recently revised that position to reflect a variety of changing factors, including a better understanding of how many asymptomatic carriers there are.

In the video below, Dr. Seema Yasmin explains the change, the benefits of wearing even a simple cloth mask, and why we still need to be very cautious, practice good physical distancing, and wash both our hands and masks frequently and thoroughly.

Here’s a link to the CDC face mask page she mentions in the video, where you can read more about the CDC recommendations and see their sew and no-sew face mask tutorials.

via Confused About Face Masks? Watch This Informative Video – LifeSavvy

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