Kenyans on social media ‘reject’ 18 tonnes of coronavirus equipment donated by China

Good for them… the Chinese mean Afrika no good and should be kicked out like they have been doin Afrikans in China…

Kenyans on social media have rejected over 18 tonnes of equipment received from China to aid the country in the fight against the coronavirus.

The latest is after reports that a China Southern Airlines cargo plane had arrived at the JKIA with a donation of 18 tonnes of Covid-19 protective gear from Chinese companies.

Kenyans took to social media to ‘look at the gift horse in the mouth’ citing incidences of race-fuelled cruelty against Africans living in mainland China.

One Rosemary Kiraka wrote: “Free is expensive,we will buy the local ones and support our own”

A good number of Kenyans wondered why China had donated equipment to Kenya yet Kenyans were being evicted from their apartments in the country.

“Why are they donating equipments to us,yet evicting our people in their country! They want to finish us!may be,” Alison Favour Alison wrote.

Ouma Paul said the gifts should be taken with a pinch of salt writing: “Should be treated with caution, the same donor is driving out our people from its territory,”.

Others asked the government to follow the route of America and Canada that previously rejected equipment that had been found to be faulty.

“I have heard the same donations were rejected by USA and Canada,” George Njoroge wrote.

Keyshia Tabz accused the government of China of hypcrisy saying: “Hypocrisy of the highest order how do you mistreat citizens of a country and give donations to their mother land….whatever weapon they have fashioned against Kenya it will not prosper ,we are covered by the blood of Jesus Christ and we declare it is well.. They will be ashamed because God is on our side and He shall deliver us,”

The latest comes just a day after it came to the fore that Kenyan nationals were among Africans ejected from apartments in China.

In a report by Citizen TV on Thursday, it emerged that landlords in China had received orders to evict Africans who are being accused of spreading the novel coronavirus.

A Kenyan woman narrating her ordeal said she had spent two cold nights in the streets after she was kicked out of her house.

She had also been ordered out of a subway with a blanket explanation that the authorities were not allowing Africans to board the subway.

The same racial discrimination has been extended to some supermarkets which have forbidden Africans from entering or shopping.

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