Who’s Really Behind Most of the Looting and Vandalism… and as usual we get the blame…

It’s funny although indigenous people always get called violent and so on, it’s because other groups project their bullshit on us because in a lot of respects, they don’t understand why more of us aren’t bent on vengence and wanton self-destruction like they are. But nuff talk…. I’ll let the images speak for themselves…..

chicago’s finest

So YTs just riding around in Benzes handing our bricks and shit huh???


So who is that jumping all over those cops in Chi? Looks like YTs to me….

but then we have the black cops who wanna get extra and do shit like this…… and they are supposed fired now….

Meanwhile in Salt Lake City, old men ain’t even safe from bullies with badges….

And in Dallas (I think) someone is leaving piles of bricks on the street….. sounds kinda fishy..

Cops tryin to run over folks in NYC… notice the lack of melanin in most of the agitators…..

Cops tryin to blend in with protestors to start shit....

Cops tryin to blend in with protestors to start shit….

and who do we see running out of the PD? don’t look like us….

those ppl don’t look melanated to me….

and then we had this guy who supposed busted out the windows on the AutoZone in MN the 1st day of protests and then ran in the 3rd Precinct which was later burned down…. I can’t find the video of him running from the cameramen in the 2nd photos…. if I do I’ll add it in…


he’s in this video montage….


and it’s looks like this YT is paying folks to tear shit up…..

Indigenous people… do not let ANY of these outsiders deter, derail or co-opt OUR movement…….. we have no allies, all we got is us and that’s all we need…. if you are gonna have faith in anything, have faith in yourselves if nothing else


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