Former Coworker Of George Floyd & Derek Chauvin Speaks Out, Says The 2 Men ‘Bumped Heads’

Sounds like murder one to me…. ya know premeditated and all…

A former coworker of George Floyd and Derek Chauvin is now speaking out confirming previous reports that the men knew each other from working at the same Minneapolis nightclub.

Coworker David Pinney not only confirms they knew each other, but that the two men “bumped heads” when they worked together. Pinney told CBS News about their history of friction.

“They bumped heads,” Pinney said. “It has a lot to do with Derek being extremely aggressive within the club with some of the patrons, which was an issue.”

This new revelation by Pinney gives weight to the Floyd family’s claim that the circumstances surrounding George’s death were in part personal. Their lawyer has called for Chauvin to be charged with first-degree murder, “because we believe he knew who George Floyd was.”

“Is there any doubt in your mind that Derek Chauvin knew George Floyd?” CBS News asked Pinney, and he responded, “No. He knew him.”

Pinney isn’t the only one speaking out about Chauvin’s past indiscretions.

Maya Santamaria, the owner of the club, described how Chauvin treated black patrons when she talked to CBS News for the upcoming special “Justice for All.”

Santamaria said she had been paying Chauvin, when he was off-duty, to sit in his squad car outside of the club, El Nuevo Rodeo, for 17 years. She said Floyd worked as a security guard inside the club frequently in the last year.

In particular, Chauvin and George worked on Tuesday nights, when the club had a popular weekly dance competition.

“Do you think Derek had a problem with black people?” CBS News asked Santamaria.

“I think he was afraid and intimidated,” she said.

“By black folks?” CBS News clarified.

“Yeah,” Santamaria confirmed.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the case. We’ll keep you posted on any updates.

via Former Coworker Of George Floyd & Derek Chauvin Speaks Out, Says The 2 Men ‘Bumped Heads’ (Update) – The Shade Room

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