DAME DASH WAS RIGHT | EP # 214 feat Blueprint & Illogic

We recently realized that it’s been five years since Dame Dash’s iconic interview on The Breakfast Club. In this interview he introduced the hip-hop world to several concepts and philosophies that are routinely ignored by large media platforms like entrepreneurship, ownership mentality, sticking together, and hustling for your last name so your children can have it better than you did. Although he was met with a lot of initial resistance for his approach and blunt honesty, time has revealed the truth in his words. In this episode we discuss how Dame Dash was right all along.06:17 – Why Men Shouldn’t Gossip
14:17 – Ownership Mentality vs Employee Mentality
26:17 – Pride in Ownership
32:26 – Hustling For Your Children
43:01 – Profiting From Negativity
48:05 – Sticking Together Instagram


LISTEN: Soundcloud http://bit.ly/SDTWscld iTunes http://apple.co/1XDmbXD

via (2) DAME DASH WAS RIGHT | EP # 214 feat Blueprint & Illogic – YouTube

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