ANNOYING THINGS MUSIC PRODUCERS DO | EP #215 feat Blueprint & Illogic

Another good show… and funny too..

As rappers and producers, we have had the fortunate opportunity to collaborate with other artists, sometimes producing for other rappers and sometimes rapping on other producers tracks. During our experiences in working with other producers, we’ve noticed many things that they do that are counter-productive to their end goal, which is to get people to listen to their music.In many ways, they are shooting themselves in the foot before people even get a chance to listen to their beats. In this episode, we break down some of the annoying things that producers do that bug the hell out of us and we wish they would stop.

07:28 – Decimal Point Tempos
10:34 – Over-chopping
13:06 – Too many effects
19:05 – Bad sequencing
25:16 – Off Key Samples
30:17 – Bad samples
36:56 Overproduction
42:22 Sending Wav Files


LISTEN: Soundcloud

via ANNOYING THINGS MUSIC PRODUCERS DO | EP #215 feat Blueprint & Illogic – YouTube

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