it’s October and what’s new with your man LR

Summer has come to a close and regardless of what others say, 2020 has been good to me…. besides not going out as much, shit my life been about the same.

People have died of course but that is the cycle of life…. call me cold (I’ve heard it all my life) but as you get older, people die… especially people you grew up with and when u grew up like I did, the rate of death is actually small compared to what I went thru in the 90s and early 2000s…. I can admit I’m desentized but I was never that sensitive to begin with as a lot of women I’ve dated can tell you.

Business has been good and as u can see, we got bucket hats now!!! Only doin the Go Ill design right now until they get some more in stock… guess people really like those joints… Shirt Shop

and a few new ads

Oh yeah got promotional shirts for the radio show now!!! Check em out at

did some new promo videos for GbA Services

and the Zone of course…. yeah that’s a new promo shirt for the Zone I’m working on….

Not gonna say much about Orangina aka Cheeto Man and his malady, but…

And it’s be nice to see folks finally cancelling Dj Vlad culture vulture ass…. I dunno why folks don’t either use “black” video platforms like Black Junction TV (although I am slight salty with them for losing some of my old posts) or Blackshare Tv or hell make their own like Snoop has with Merry Jane. Hey if u know of some platforms I’m missing, let me know so I can put them on my DarkNet page at cuz I (as well as other black creatives) need to find a platform that does livestreaming….

and the What Could Go Wrong comedy series is getting a nice reception from folks right now… and I’ll be sure to Mark Spark and his regular (if we can call it that) show in rotation…. yeah I be doin the most lol

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