Movie Review time again…

So I got around to watching Cut Throat City, Vampires vs The Bronx and Tales from the Hood 2

So we got RZA directing and an ensemble cast of TI, Wesley Snipes, Terrence Howard (mayne!), Shamiek Moore (who been popping up in a lot of shit lately puttin in work) ,Demetrius Shipp (tupac lookalike) and Ethan Hawke (who actually fit considering his role) in a flick about folks in the 9th ward of N’awlins (yeah they needed to work on them NOLA accents a lil harder lol) tryin to come up after Katrina and FEMA fucked it over… there are heists and a fair amount of action and definitely double crossing….

This was a pretty good flick if not a bit predictable and the ending was odd if not a bit open ended…

Now I had no expectations on this one but hey I struggled thru the 2nd one with Clifton Powell so fuck it…

Was surprised when I say 40 acres and a Mule involved but then again Spike has put some clunkers out lately… Tony Todd (Candyman) is escaping bad things with a lil girl as she tells the story of the anthology…. 1st story was interesting since it was based on the south side of Chi and u know I’m biased lol

The 2nd story was actually pretty funny about a white supremacist and his “issues”.. u may like the twist at the end…. The 3rd story was kinda predictable but it did feature Lynn Whitfield (who I have a thing for) but u kinda can see where it’s gonna go….  and the 4th is definitely funny about a thug who sucker punches folks and get his comeuppance… but the biggest “twist” is the ending of it all and I won’t elaborate further and ruin it…

not a great flick but better than 2 easily…..

Ok I had no expectation on this one either but I did know Method Man and Mero was Desus & Mero fame was in it so I said fuck it… I’ve watched Street Wars, I can make it thru anything lol

The story revolves around 3 boys in the middle of the gentrification of the Bronx and their discovery that vampires are buying up the hood. Mero plays the local bodega guy who’s bodega they’re tryin to save and Meth is the local priest (yeah I know lol)… the boys are relative unknowns but they do a good job of playing their roles and are very likeable as well as funny.

I have to say I enjoyed this… wasn’t super deep or anything but they showed the effects of gentrification and it was funny….

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