Godcast Episode 132: Dr. Boyce Watkins

Good show!

Godcast Episode #132: Dr. Boyce Watkins has entered the chat.

0:31 Guest intro: Dr Boyce Watkins
2:01 Dr Boyce Watkins summarizes his beliefs
4:10 Opinion on the VEEP debates and political stance
9:21 “In this election, I don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel”
11:45 The “Divide and Conquer” used on Black people between Democrats and Republicans
14:42 Kamala Harris and her relationship with Black men
17:25 New teef and losing weight
21:25 What is “The Contract with Black America”?
23:59 The Black Business School
29:45 It seems like “It takes money to make money”
36:44 How can we use the stock market crash to our advantage?
41:25 What rules would you suggest people follow for investing?
44:55 Stock versus Real Estate
49:23 How do we collectively acquire wealth?
59:07 HAPI film plug
1:02:00 Acknowledging supporters donating to the show
1:03:59 Dr Boyce Watkins on Jay Morrison and the Tulsa fund
1:07:26 The Tulsa fund and Yung Jeezy flim-flam
1:10:30 Tony “The Closer” going for Jay
1:11:28 The issue between Dr Boyce Watkins and Dr Umar Johnson
1:17:16 “We lead because the people allow us to lead”
1:18:26 Is Dr Boyce Watkins a millionaire?
1:26:00 Having money makes you a target
1:34:30 The psychology of spending money
1:38:14 Reparations
1:41:40 Go to www.allblackeconomics.com for free copy of Dr Boyce Watkins’ book
1:43:30 Acknowledging supporters and outro

Godcast Episode 132: Dr. Boyce Watkins – YouTube

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