Godcast Episode 137: Ice Cube

Great show and I’m glad he broke down the contract a lil bit for those who didn’t wanna read it and just talk shit…

Godcast Episode #137: The crew welcomes Ice Cube to the chat.

0:00 Show intro + Panel Check-In
3:08 Guest intro – Ice Cube
5:50 Ice Cube on “The Contract with Black America”
8:05 How did the contract come about?
14:26 What was the response to the contract?
17:45 The “minority” label and getting results for the right people
20:10 Talking to the Republicans about the contract
21:44 Advisors who worked on the contract
27:34 Where you can read the contract https://contractwithblackamerica.us/
30:00 The backlash Ice Cube received
34:54 What does Ice Cube think about voting?
38:00 Let’s talk hip-hop
40:18 Ice Cube’s introduction to hip-hop
48:09 Staying fresh and being ahead of the curve
53:17 Was NWA making music for concerts?
57:05 Hooking up with The Bomb Squad
1:02:34 Ice Cube shows Brand Nubian respect
1:04:47 How Ice Cube got into movies
1:09:26 John Singleton advising Ice Cube to write a script
1:11:40 Ice Cube on his son getting into movies
1:16:33 How Ice Cube’s movies are financed
1:19:30 Ice Cube’s love for the Raiders
1:21:00 Guest outro
1:22:35 Acknowledging show supporters
1:23:47 Rah Digga on DL Hughley’s criticism of Ice Cube
1:29:38 Where to get the merch

Godcast Episode 137: Ice Cube – YouTube

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