Back on my BS after a lil turkey day vaca….

I know I ain’t posted in a bit…

had to get out a bit and see what my city was looking like and it was kinda ghost town-ish…. especially the airports…but I at least got me 2 helpings of Italian Fiesta while in town (and actually brought some home and some poundcake lol)

well at least goin… man on the way back after Turkey day, we was thinking was gonna slide outta Chi at the crack of dawn and wasn’t nobody gonna be there…

Yeeeeeaaaaaaaah…. our flight was PACKED!! No social distancing cuz AA wanted all the money they could squeeze outta us….

and why was it cold as Chi when we got back… WTF?!?!?!?!?

Anyways, love the crib but I was glad to be home and get back to biz…. and I was pretty productive even tho I didn’t get to see my ppl BUT in a few cases, it was good that I didn’t…. that Rona on some other shit…. makes me wish I’d have studied more infectious disease biology but hell for all I know, shit might be nanomachines… I ain’t saying it is, BUT it ain’t what they say it is… I’ll leave it at that….

If you didn’t know I just rolled out a new line/design at the shop called Dark Matter…. it’s a play on the whole BLM thing cuz IMO that seems like u beggin your oppressor to see u as human which is pandering IMO….

“Dark Matter … what the universe is made of… carbon… which is a prime part of melanin and makes up the universe of sun, moon and star aka the black man, woman and child…”

Check it out at

and a few words from Mark Spark 🙂


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