Hidey Ho Zonearinos lol

lol I dunno where my crazy channeling of Mr Hankey came from….. but what’s good in 2021 y’all?

Me? Busy creating all kinda ish as usual and watching the clusterfuck known as AmeriKKKa goin thru it’s stunning realization of how truly fucked this place is…..

Hope you have been enjoying the What Could Go Wrong comedy series cuz folks needs some stuff to laugh at with all the drama goin on…


got a new LR Radio coming this weekend… dedicated to the one MF DOOM aka Zev Love X, Viktor Vaughn, & King Geedorah..

and did a bunch of new promo art…

that’s all I can remember for now lol Blame the scatterbrainedness

oh yeah did do a new ad….

and had waaay too much fun playing with reface (in a virtual machine.. yall dont need my data lol)

why does reface make me look like a combo of Jordan Peele and my crackhead uncle??? Kinda scary lol

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