The 8 Best Alternatives to Patreon

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Looking to crowdfund your next project? These Patreon alternatives can help you do just that.

“Thank you to my Patreons, I’ll see you guys next time,” is probably one of the most frequently heard sentences from content creators on YouTube.

Many content creators, especially those with fewer subscribers on YouTube, rely on funds from their supporters to keep their channels running. But because giving out banking details on the internet is a dangerous move, many direct their supporters to crowdfunding websites like Patreon.

What Is Patreon? Crowdfunding Platforms Explained

Crowdfunding platforms are websites that allow content creators to earn an income from putting out their work. Fans who are interested in their content are able to go on these websites to donate money as a show of support, which will allow these creators to continue producing content.

Patreon is the most popular crowdfunding platform in the YouTube community because of its efficiency and user-friendly interface. If you’re interested in learning more, we have an entire guide on how Patreon works.

But if Patreon is not up your alley, and you’d like to be supported on other similar platforms, we’ve rounded up the best Patreon alternatives.

1. Ko-fi

Ko-fi is probably the most popular alternative to Patreon. The platform was founded in 2012 with the aim to uplift budding content creators and connect them with their fans.

Content creators can create a portfolio showing their best work, and people who admire their work can donate to them directly. Fans can also commission their favorite artists to create personalized artwork.

Creators on Ko-fi have the option to upgrade their page to Gold status, which gives them access to premium features, including insights to analytics, higher quality images, and ad-free pages.

Ko-fi does not take any fees from donations, so you are able to contribute as much as you want to your favorite YouTuber, artist, writer, or musician.

2. Buy Me a Coffee

Buy Me a Coffee is also another alternative that is quickly becoming popular among content creators. It’s not just YouTubers and podcasters who are using this platform—writers, cosplayers, programmers, and just about anyone who puts out creative work is using Buy Me a Coffee.

Unlike some crowdfunding websites on this list, Buy Me a Coffee does not charge a monthly subscription fee. You are free to contribute any amount to your favorite content creator anytime you want.

Buy Me a Coffee accepts funds from major credit card services, such as Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and even Bitcoin. However, a 5 percent transaction fee applies.

3. SubscribeStar

SubscribeStar attracts content creators from all types of backgrounds—political commentators who work in the education field, for example, are even on the platform.

Compared to other alternatives on this list, SubscribeStar’s interface is relatively more “professional.” You can integrate your account with other platforms, such as Discord and Google Analytics. For those who know how to code with GraphQL, you can even link your own applications to SubscribeStar.

SubscribeStar gives creators the freedom to set their own subscription price. There is no limit to the pricing that you set for your subscribers.

4. Flattr

Flattr was founded in Sweden with the aim of helping content creators earn a steady income from their work. Users on the platform first create an account on Flattr and then choose from a range of monthly subscription plans.

Contributors can either donate directly to one creator, or opt for one single subscription plan that splits the money between multiple creators. Some well-known content creators on Flattr include Wikipedia, as well as the open-access literature website, Gutenberg.

The company is owned by Eyeo GmBH, which also owns a popular browser extension that you may have heard of or used before: Adblock Plus.

5. Memberful

Memberful runs on three different subscription plans: Starter Free, Pro, and Premium. After selecting your preferred plan, you can begin contributing to your favorite people on the internet. You are also able to opt for a group subscription plan, which contains multiple memberships that support different creators.

However, if you are going to use Memberful, you will also have to create an account on the online payment platform, Stripe, for transactions to be processed. Content creators on Memberful can link their accounts to other useful websites, including WordPress, Google Analytics, Mailchimp, and Discord.

6. Liberapay

Liberapay was founded in France in 2015, and has since expanded to provide crowdfunding services to content creators from all around the world. What separates Liberapay from the other options on this list is the fact that the platform is run by a nonprofit organization, so it does not take any cuts or processing fees from contributors.

So, anyone who wishes for their content to be seen and supported can go on Liberapay and start hustling. The platform is available in 19 languages and supports 33 types of currencies.

However, the website does not support cryptocurrency. If you are looking to contribute to someone’s work, take note that there is a maximum donation amount of around $123 per week.

7. Kickstarter

Kickstarter’s mission is to “bring creative projects to life.” If you have any new ideas or projects that you’d like to share with the world, Kickstarter is the crowdfunding website for you.

From comics and illustrations, film and theater, and even to preserving J.R.R. Tolkien’s former home where he wrote The Lord of The Rings, the Kickstarter community provides a space for the most creative campaigns.

8. Indiegogo

Founded in 2008, Indiegogo is actually one of the first crowdfunding platforms on the internet. The website allows tech entrepreneurs to showcase their latest tech products and designs.

People who are interested in an entrepreneur’s product can then donate funds to help further their project. When a certain product has been successfully developed, supporters can even place an order.

Every now and then, Indiegogo rounds up the top ten hottest projects on its platform. So, if contributors find that your product is the next best thing in tech, you might end up raising thousands.

Finding the Right Crowdfunding Platform for You Crowdfunding websites are a great way to showcase your passion projects to the world and get supporters to fund them. The different options on this list cater to different individual needs, so make sure you go through each of them before deciding which platform works best for you.

The 8 Best Alternatives to Patreon

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