FROM TOY COLLECTOR TO TOY DESIGNER | EP #239 feat Rocom and Blueprint – YouTube

Some great business jewels dropped here… makes me wanna start a toy line for collectors….

This week on the podcast we are joined by hip-hop artist and toy designer, Rocom. He and Blueprint sit down to talk about his journey from doing graphic design to designing his own toy line Rocom Toys that has seen massive support. He also breaks down the keys to launching several successful kickstarter campaigns where he far exceeded his goals. His story truly illustrates that anything is possible when you set your mind to it. Lots of jewels in this one folks!


1:52​ Graphic Design Career
8:58​ Making the Transition to Self-Employment
12:44​ Learning On the Job
19:03​ Transition into Toy Design
22:31​ Learning How Toys are Made
36:15​ Crowdfunding Success for Toy Line
39:18​ Earn the Dollar
48:37​ Find Your Audience
52:56​ Create Digital Items
55:16​ Creating a Video Game For Toy Line
57:12​ How Long it Took to Create the Toy Line
58:21​ Raising 80k on Kickstarter
59:37​ Market Before You Launch
1:02:13​ Starting the Rocom Toy Brand
1:03:04​ Marketing Directly to His Supporters
1:04:40​ Exceeding His Kickstarter Goal
1:06:20​ Creating a Cartoon from Toy Line
1:07:29​ Action Figure Examples
1:15:47​ Focus on Your Product
1:16:52​ Create a Budget for Everything

(1) FROM TOY COLLECTOR TO TOY DESIGNER | EP #239 feat Rocom and Blueprint – YouTube

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