I finally finished Sleeping Dogs and I’m kinda sad lol

This was a really well done game and fun to boot…..

Might as well share the videos I’ve done from it so far…. got a few more in the works….

Aberdeen Fight Club

I had gotten really good with the stuns and parries by this point so I was banging folks left and right….

Death of 1000 Cuts

Man this was TOUGH…. it took me more than a few times to beat this… had to remember to never drop the golden cleaver (cuz it never breaks) and to use the environment to keep them from surrounding me and drugging me too early with those blades….

I kinda breezed throught this one and I thought I’d try some video FX I had been playing with and it came out pretty dope! And with some good ol Chicago hiphop thrown in (shoutout to the Molemen and Vakill), it comes off lovely!

then another one of my drug busts….. I realized early getting Wei’s cop points up makes him a much better shooter lol and the perks of having shotguns available in cop trunks ain’t bad either lol

then another race on a damn cop bike…. I starting buying better vehicles after this but it was a nice test of skills….

Fucking Calvin! lol that dude keeps Wei in some BS with the cops on his side missions….. and in one main mission but I won’t spoil that for those who haven’t gotten there yet….

and then there’s the Zodiac tournament…. this really made me love this game…. it is basically a retelling of sorts of Bruce Lee’s classic movie Enter the Dragon… all it needed was Jim Kelly and it woulda been perfect… sadly I started this super early in my progression and gaming and missed a few scenes that would’ve told the story a lil better but for the most part you get the idea. Wei enter contest, ppl try to drug him and keep him from winning……

More videos coming soon when I get around to editing them in between the new influx of business I’ve gotten of late!



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