more Sleeping Dogs videos

I recorded the beginning parts of the game but I figured I’d start with the interesting stuff… like almost getting Wei’s cover blown…..

Winston & Dogeyes’s conflict gets Winston & Wei a call to meet the Chairman, Uncle Po

Wei checks in with his handler, Raymond to let him know about his new fame

Wei helps Winston’s fiance Peggy get things together for the wedding

Sometimes Wei does actual cop work for tactical (since his face is covered) like assisting in stopping an armed robbery…

and then there’s the wedding….. yeah…..

So it turns out Johnny the Ratface may know who’s behind the wedding day massacre….

and now Big Smile Lee wants to lean on what’s left of the Water Street Gang….

an old face from the beginning pops up after Jackie gets shortchanged on a deal….

and then it’s time to deal with Sammy aka Dogeyes……

Uncle Po decides to make Wei and Jackie official Sun On Yee members

Wei & Jackie pull off a jewelry heist….

Big Eddie Kwon needs Wei help to stop some 18k trucks…

another truck shipment to stop…

18k tries to kill Uncle Po in the hospital

Wei meets King, a producer from LA, and shows him what fun Hong Kong is….

Big Eddie needs Wei’s help to get some weight across town with 18k on his heels….

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