Crazy Shxt on Facebook

Happy 2022 everyone…. got a story to tell….

So I was in this Facebook group Chicago Black Owned Business Collective and there was this post

supposedly posting a job (in a business group no less) in Chicago near my old stomping grounds and with wages (120.5 hrs/month, 5 days a week for 6 hours/week paying $1860/month) that frankly aren’t liveable (rent, utilities, groceries and that’s not including gas or busfare) in Chicago. Now I didn’t directly reply to the original post (OP) but a young lady replied and said it wasn’t liveable and I commenting agreeing with her (our comments were deleted from the post (go here to see it) . So the original poster told us we were hating and we could have kept scrolling and I asked her is anything I said untrue about it barely being liveable for a single person but someone with a family couldn’t possibly live off those wages. She replied they can supplement their income and it wasn’t her problem.

So in the midst of our conversations, which I have to point out wasn’t malicious from my end, another “lady” (not sure if it was OP or another person) jumped in the convo and was saying y’all just hating and blah blah blah. This is the other person’s profile

I found it peculiar her residence was listed as Wakandodo, Sulawesi Tenggara, Indonesia and I pointed out how far Indonesia was from Chicago with a laugh but I was not malicious at any point (which is amazing for me… marriage has mellowed me out lol). But asked “her” the same question, Are those liveable wages in Chicago? Which she nor the OP would answer.

So I took a look at the OP’s profile and it looked kinda shady too….

esp. with all the GoddessSquirt ish, her YouTube channel , her Streamlabs, her Onlyfans and the name. If you have been in any FB Black Business groups, there are a lot of foreigners jumping in the groups scamming folks and doing all kinds of fuckery, so my antennas were up. So I did accuse them of being scammers and posted their profiles links for other to peruse and form their own opinions.

So they kept talking shit and so on, and I moved on with my day…. then I get this crap in my inbox

So it seems she got me kicked out of the group and try to clown me and then block me lol Called me “ashy” which is funny cuz I am far from that and said I was clowned in the group (untrue lol) and blah blah.  Said I don’t have $1900 to pay a housekeeper which is not a lot of money these days, hell I was making that in 2 weeks back in 1994 but I ain’t gonna flex. She said and I quote

“Wanna screenshot my page & claim I’m a fraud because obviously you think it’s impossible for someone as gorgeous as me to exist while you running around here 40 years older than me looking like homeboy….

Next time….just keep scrolling with your old, ashy, toxic feminine, dirt devil looking ass and worry about getting your money up cause I’m sure that’s the only way you could ever get pussy….paying for it🤣😂🤣😂 but that’s probably why you pressed cause not a soul on earth desperate enough to touch you….not even for Elon Musk money….which you clearly ain’t got, old ass dust bucket 🤧 You look & smell like Lower Wacker drive🤢🤮 Never in your pathetic ass life try to come for a Goddess!👸🏾💅🏾🧘🏾‍♀️

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I dunno but this is not gorgeous to me AT ALL…. with all that damn makeup and ish, you look kinda retarded and slow. And as I perused her profile, all I saw was a hotep hoe (fake ass Erykah Badu’s that used to be ratchet and still really are and holla a bunch of cow feces they parrot from people smarter than them). When I was on my NGE ish, it used to be a lot of them around like groupies getting ran by everybody like being a runner to a better quality of men makes you any less a runner lol

And i guess when she went looking thru my FB profile, she didn’t notice I been married almost 5 years lol so I don’t think I need to pay for sex… but it shows the low vibrational thoughts that go thru her head.

BUT I can admit I was mistaken about her not being from Chicago because only a Chicagoan would know how Lower Wacker Drive smells….

Anyway I thought this was funny and I’d share a little bit of my adventures on the book. Feel free to comment lol

3 thoughts on “Crazy Shxt on Facebook

  1. If that group banned you, after reading your responses then, the whole damn group should be put on Blast Ave. , I know you and if you called them out, it was damn sure in point


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