Knuckleheads 3 pack: Rashard Lewis, Larry Hughes & Tracy McGrady

Just watched these 3 back to back and thought you would enjoy them as well…

SWEET LEW in the building! We just had to welcome this elite hooper and our longtime friend, Rashard Lewis, to the Knuckleheads podcast. As a member of the elite straight-to-the-league club, he went from Houston high school star to Seattle NBA rookie overnight. He’s one of the first stretch forwards in the game and an ice-cold three-point shooter to top it off. Sixteen seasons, 1,787 three pointers, two All-Star selections and a championship ring later … Rashard Lewis is here with the Knuckleheads to unpack his unique basketball journey. Tune in!

St. Louis in the building, y’all! Quentin and Darius welcome Larry Hughes to the Knuckleheads podcast. As a St. Louis native, Darius had to bring Larry on the pod to talk about growing up in The Lou, what it was like winning nationals in AAU and why he decided to go to college at St. Louis University. They also talk about what it was like playing with Allen Iverson and Michael Jordan and why in the world he would stay in the dunk contest when Vince was in it!… Tune in!

We talkin’ legendary!! Tracy McGrady aka T-Mac, the hang dribble king and one of the purest hoopers to grace this sport, chops it up with Quentin and Darius on this episode of Knuckleheads. They get into what it was like to go against Vince in the most memorable Dunk Contest of all time, T-Mac’s instant rise from bench player to superstar, and what it was like playing in Houston with Yao. Oh, and you don’t want to miss the camel racing story…. Tune in!!

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