The Difference Between Fans & Followers | EP #291 – YouTube

No matter what kind of art you create, you will likely have to use social media to bring awareness about it. It is there that you will run into some of the most confusing behavior you’ve ever witnessed from people. Some are crazy and vocal about your art, while others follow you silently. In this episode, Blueprint and Illogic break down the biggest differences between fans and followers so you can move properly out here! 

0:00 Start
7:33 Watching or Engaging
12:29 Free or Paying
17:41 Self-Promotion
22:00 Whose Job is it to Support?
30:57 Live Appearances
37:44 Word of Mouth
42:24 Trolling or Encouraging
46:54 Constructive Criticism
50:00 Comparison
59:34 Only The Highlights

The Difference Between Fans & Followers | EP #291 – YouTube

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