Been playing Sifu with the new modifers and tried a skin mod

Ever wanted to be CJ from GTA San Andreas while u play Sifu? Well u can! Or at least I did lol

You can go to Nexus Mods to get the files and instructions on how to do it… he replaces the female character just so u know…

And then with the latest update for Sifu (1.12), you can unlock various modifiers like bullet time aka slow motion, low gravity, invincibility and a bunch more

But here’s a little of me playing level 1 the Squats with the slowmo on using the focus button… I don’t use it much anyways cuz it don’t work on Yang punk ass lol


I unlocked the Raid the Redemption outfit, so I’ll get around to recording a run thru the squats since it is so reminiscent of the movie.

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