About LR Zone….

The LR Zone is where you can find all the information I, Lord Rakim come across on the internet.. maybe not so much the DarkNet… lol

Knowledge is power and the more u know, the more you can prove….

But a lil about me,

as you can I have a wide variety of interests and love to consume information like Pac Man with the power pellets….. reppin the Windy City of Chicago, Illinois or Illa Noyz as I like to refer to it… love hip-hop especially the conscious type and see it as a platform for real change and not just booty shaking as many do….


There’s my company

gba simple logo

GbA Inc.

which is the one stop-shop for  everything technology based

gba ad 2016-04-25_090309

then of course my infamous radio show


and then my store the GbA ShirtShop
where you can get fly apparel and digital items as well

afromatrix ad 2016-04-25_090104

afromatrix ad 2016-04-25_090104

I even do music every now and then

GBA Music

and some video work


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