How to Make an NFT, Then Sell It Online

Interested in creating and selling NFTs? We’re going to show you how.

Non-fungible tokens, also known as NFTs, have created quite a buzz in the crypto markets across the globe. People are spending millions of dollars to buy and sell NFTs, making it a fantastic way for artists to sell their work.

Beeple (Mike Winkelmann), a digital artist, created Beeple’s Everydays, a digital artwork that sold for $69.3 million. As an artist, creating NFTs and putting them up for sale is a great way to jump on the bandwagon!

If you are interested in starting your own NFT collection and selling them, then keep on reading.

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8 Social Media Content Calendar Tools for Scheduling Posts

Automate your social media marketing….. I use buffer but I’m gonna check out the others…

If you’re active in multiple social media platforms, you must try post-scheduling calendar tools for publishing your content.

The world of social media is expanding, and hence it becomes difficult for individual users to post on all the platforms regularly at the right time. In order to manage when and what to publish on social media, you need to stay organized. To make the whole process seamless and hassle-free, check out these eight social media calendar tools for scheduling posts.

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Facebook’s race-blind policies around hate speech came at the expense of Black users, new documents show

Don’t I know about this firsthand….

Last year, researchers at Facebook showed executives an example of the kind of hate speech circulating on the social network: an actual post featuring an image of four female Democratic lawmakers, known collectively as “The Squad.”

The poster, whose name was scrubbed out for privacy, referred to the women, two of whom are Muslim, as “swami rag heads.” A comment from another person used even more vulgar language, referring to the four women of color as “black c—s,” according to internal company documents exclusively obtained by The Washington Post.

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Chicago Car Thieves Now Target Locksmiths For Key Fobs And Programing Devices – CBS Chicago

CHICAGO (CBS) —  It’s the latest target for car thieves. It’s not a Chevy or Jeep. It’s a device. It doesn’t look like much, but for crooks, it’s the key to quickly getting behind the wheel of as many cars as they want.

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Why Does Artificial Intelligence Always End Up Being Racist? | The Amber Ruffin Show – YouTube


Technology is supposed to make our lives more convenient and more equitable. Because, unlike people, computers and algorithms can’t be racist. But what if they totally are? #TheAmberRuffinShow #PeacockTV #Racism

Why Does Artificial Intelligence Always End Up Being Racist? | The Amber Ruffin Show – YouTube

Lil’ Fame (of M.O.P.) – Mixtape (feat. O.C., Busta Rhymes, Cormega, Papoose, Conway, Styles P…) – YouTube


  1. Billy Danze & TooBusy – The Beginning (Interlude) (feat. Lil Fame & M.O.P.) 0:00
  2. O.C. & Lil’ Fame – Jugganots 0:22
  3. Marco Polo – Fame For President (feat. Lil Fame) 3:57
  4. Lil Fame – Center Stage (feat. Sean Price) 6:43
  5. Cormega – III (feat. Lil Fame & Baby Pun) 9:04
  6. Marco Polo & Torae – Smoke (feat. Lil Fame & Rock of Heltah Skeltah) 12:57
  7. Dom Dirtee – Kill Switch (feat. Lil Fame & Teflon) 16:47
  8. Termanology – Watch How It Go Down (Remix feat. Papoose & Lil Fame) 19:18
  9. Oddisee – World Ward IV (feat. Saigon & Lil Fame) 22:34
  10. Freeway & Statik Selektah – From the Street (feat. Lil Fame & Termanology) 25:54
  11. Styles P – What They Say (feat. Marco Polo, Kardinal Offishall & Lil Fame) 29:34
  12. Planit Hank – Finish Him (feat. Styles P, Conway & Lil Fame) (Marco Polo Remix) 33:30
  13. Apathy – P.S.E. (feat. Styles P & Lil Fame) 37:21
  14. Fizzyology – Play Dirty (feat. Busta Rhymes & Styles P) 40:58
  15. Lil Fame & Termanology – Its Easy 45:04
  16. Onyx – Run Down On Em (feat. SickFlo, Lil Fame & Smoothe Da Hustler) 47:44
  17. Marco Polo – Stand Up (Remix) (feat. Tragedy Khadafi, Lil Fame, Adrian Younge & The Delfonics) 51:44
  18. Fizzyology – Thuggathon 55:21
  19. J-Love – NY Barbarians (feat. Sean Price & Lil Fame) 57:47
  20. Pharoahe Monch & Lil Fame – 24 Hours 1:00:25
Lil’ Fame (of M.O.P.) – Mixtape (feat. O.C., Busta Rhymes, Cormega, Papoose, Conway, Styles P…) – YouTube


Wu-Tang VS A Tribe Called Quest : A Clan Called Wu – Enter The Marauders [SHORT VERSION] by djfilthyrich


I’m diggin this blend tape!

November 9, 1993 will forever go down as one of the greatest days in hip hop history. Two of the genre’s most revered albums dropped on the same day: Wu-Tang Clan’s debut ‘Enter The 36 Chambers’, & A Tribe Called Quest’s third LP ‘Midnight Marauders’. I remember riding my bike to the mall, with money I had earned from my after-school job. I had anticipated this day for awhile, and saved up in advance to pick up both CD’s (at that age $40 felt like $500). For the months that followed, both albums fought for playing time on my single-disc CD player. One moment, I was transported to the boulevard of Linden, and the next to the rugged streets of Shaolin. Those albums stayed in my rotation forever (literally).

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Did The CIA Create The Jamaican Shower Posse?

Most of the bogeymen in the world were created by the CIA, directly or indirectly….

With the recent violence in Jamaica and the controversy over alleged drug lord, Christopher “Dudus” Coke, many people are talking about the infamous Jamaican Shower Posse and the neighborhood of Tivoli Gardens, where they have their base. What is being is being ignored largely by the media, is the role that the American government and the CIA had in training, arming and giving power to the Shower Posse.

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