LAPD officer, who was killed in mysterious training accident, was investigating reported gang rape | Daily Mail Online

Officer Houston Tipping, 32, was five-year veteran with the LAPD and worked with the department's bicycle unit

  • Houston Tipping, 32, suffered a fatal spinal cord injury during training exercise in May 2022
  • The official report says that this death was due to a spinal cord injury and was a tragic accident
  • Tipping’s mother, through her attorney, now alleges that her son was murdered because he was investigating his brother officers in an alleged gang rape 
  • The deceased officer had a history of whistleblowing 
  • In a previous incident, Tipping got a sergeant fired over an incident involving a chocolate penis being brought to work 
  • That firing left the sergeant’s friends ‘not happy’
  • Some of those friends were present during the training incident that claimed Tipping’s life 
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Parler Doxxes VIP Members Announcing Kanye West Acquisition

Parler, the rightwing knockoff of Twitter that’s not Truth Social, accidentally exposed the personal email addresses of some of its most elite members on Monday. Rushing to tell them about the company’s acquisition agreement with the artist formerly known as Kanye West, top brass sent out an email that CC-ed a group of VIP members rather than blind carbon copying them. The result was that droves of partisan ghouls like Tim Pool and Laura Loomer had their email addresses shared with one another.

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Shine: Portable Wind Turbine for Renewable Energy on the Fly

Shine Turbine

It’s time to ditch portable power banks, solar panels, and power stations as your go-to sources to fuel outdoor adventures. Meet Shine, a portable wind turbine that “creates energy faster than any other portable renewable product.” This small but mighty turbine, developed by Aurea Technologies, sets up in two minutes and can provide a full charge for your phone in 20 minutes. And unlike the massive wind turbines we’re used to, this compact one weighs about the same amount as your laptop. It can work rain or shine, making it perfect for on-the-go trekking with all the necessary electronics.

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Mexico Experiences Dangerous Drought While Companies like Coca-Cola and Heineken Take Billions of Liters of Water From Public Reservoirs – One Green Planet

Mexico is experiencing a dangerous drought as drink companies continue to use billions of liters of water. The drought in Northern Mexico is so bad that taps are dry in the city of Monterrey. Pipas, or water delivery trucks, are the only way for the community to get water. As many people can’t afford water bottles, the public is growing increasingly angry at companies like Coca-Cola and Heineken that are taking billions of liters of water from public reservoirs, according to a Guardian piece.

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Fact-check: Did Ron Johnson take $700,000 from fossil fuel industry?

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., shown here at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

League of Conservation Voters: Republican U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson “called climate change ‘bull—-’ during a record heatwave” and “raked in over $700k in fossil fuel cash.”

PolitiFact’s ruling: True

Here’s why: With passage by Democrats of a new measure aimed squarely at tackling climate change, the issue is taking on a new urgency in the fall election.

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