Grant Hill | Ep. 139 | ALL THE SMOKE Full Episode

Been waiting on this one 🔥 On episode 139 of ALL THE SMOKE, former NBA superstar and Duke basketball icon, Grant Hill joins the boys for an EPIC convo discussing his hall-of-fame career. He reflects on his college and NBA hoops journey. Plus, he talks about his post-playing career transition into the media world and his other business ventures.

Grant Hill | Ep. 139 | ALL THE SMOKE Full Episode | SHOWTIME Basketball – YouTube

Kenny Smith | Ep. 138 | ALL THE SMOKE Full Episode

2x NBA champion & Emmy winning NBA on TNT analyst, Kenny Smith, finally sits down for a must-see episode of ATS. Smith opens up about his time in college at UNC & shares stories about playing under Dean Smith and with MJ. Plus, he reflects on winning 2 titles with Houston & Hakeem Olajuwon. Also, he opens up about his transition to the media space, Inside the NBA and shares Shaq and Chuck Stories.

Kenny Smith | Ep. 138 | ALL THE SMOKE Full Episode | SHOWTIME Basketball – YouTube

5 Mind-Boggling Online Image Editors to Do Photoshop Effects Without Photoshop

From removing backgrounds and objects in photos to turning small pictures into poster-sized prints, these online image editors are easier than Photoshop and completely free.

Adobe Photoshop might be the best photo-editing software out there, but it’s complicated and expensive for novices. But the effects that it does are easily replicable through other photo editors that use AI. The ones we talk about here are browser-based apps that work on desktop or mobile and don’t include any hidden costs. So who needs Photoshop, right?

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The Animosity of the Wealthy and Their War Against the Working Family – Afro Times News

Raising the minimum wage to meet the cost of living has been slapped down by the wealthy placing the working family right back in the economic funk they were in before the pandemic. Not because of inflation, but because of market manipulation and class warfare.

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She Belongs to the Streets … 304s Compete for Attention in their Magic City Uniform in ATL – YouTube

This is just sad and disgusting at the same time… these the kinda yamp who danced with Kevin Samuels died and don’t want ANY kind of scrutiny or accountability for anything they do…..

She Belongs to the Streets … 304s Compete for Attention in their Magic City Uniform in ATL#modernwomen #datingadvice #relationships

She Belongs to the Streets … 304s Compete for Attention in their Magic City Uniform in ATL – YouTube

Knuckleheads 3 pack: Rashard Lewis, Larry Hughes & Tracy McGrady

Just watched these 3 back to back and thought you would enjoy them as well…

SWEET LEW in the building! We just had to welcome this elite hooper and our longtime friend, Rashard Lewis, to the Knuckleheads podcast. As a member of the elite straight-to-the-league club, he went from Houston high school star to Seattle NBA rookie overnight. He’s one of the first stretch forwards in the game and an ice-cold three-point shooter to top it off. Sixteen seasons, 1,787 three pointers, two All-Star selections and a championship ring later … Rashard Lewis is here with the Knuckleheads to unpack his unique basketball journey. Tune in!

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US Officials Admit They’re Literally Just Lying To The Public About Russia

NBC News has a new report out citing multiple anonymous US officials, humorously titled “In a break with the past, U.S. is using intel to fight an info war with Russia, even when the intel isn’t rock solid“.

The officials say the Biden administration has been rapidly pushing out “intelligence” about Russia’s plans in Ukraine that is “low-confidence” or “based more on analysis than hard evidence”, or even just plain false, in order to fight an information war against Putin.

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