Killer Cop Rehired, Gets Pension for Murdering Innocent Unarmed Dad Begging for His Life


In a move which will likely infuriate those who seek to hold police accountable for often murderous actions, former Mesa Police Officer Philip Brailsford (as TFTP predicted) was rehired. He then immediately retired from law enforcement winning the equivalent of a lottery jackpot in retirement earnings. Brailsford, known as a “killer cop” in accountability circles, blew away Daniel Shaver at La Quinta Inn in Mesa, AZ on Jan 18, 2016. Continue reading

Black Man Takes It Upon Himself to Stand Guard to Protect Black Woman Against White Neighbor She Says Throws Feces, Dead Animals In Her Yard

And these crazy feminist types say we don’t protect our women, nah we just don’t fuck with u traitors…. Video on the site….

Black homeowner Jennifer McLeggan began very publicly reporting recently that she has been repeatedly harassed and threatened by her white neighbors in her Long Island, New York, neighborhood. The single mother and registered nurse says she has video footage that shows a man throwing feces and dead squirrels in her yard. Her outcries have led people to rally to her side. Continue reading