Album Reviews Four | EP #268 feat Blueprint & Illogic – YouTube

LOL man they went hard on Nas & Common’s latest projects….

It’s been almost a year since we’ve done an album reviews episode, so we decided to bring it back. This week we’re reviewing albums from Kanye, Curly Castro, Common, Nas, and Cesar Comanche & Poe Mack.

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Upon Further REVUE: Positive K – I Got A Man – YouTube

I only roast the ones I love. And I used to love this damn song. I didn’t realize how creepy it was at the time though so I’m partially blaming some of my trash youth ways on this bop (yea, I know. I’m fulla shxt!). This jawn is the anthem of all dudes who holla at gas stations. It’s also the anthem for all men that say, “What? You can’t have a friend?” (Has that line ever worked?)

Upon Further REVUE: Positive K – I Got A Man – YouTube

Pursuing Art With a Full-Time Job Part 1 & 2 – EP #265 feat Blueprint & Illogic – YouTube

The show got broken up in 2 parts.. so be sure to check the 2nd half below….


One of the most sensitive topics for artists is working a full-time job. On one hand we all agree they are necessary to make money, but on the other hand they sap the time and energy you could be putting into your art. In this episode, we break down ten things that an artist must understand to maximize their time working a full time job if they ever want to make the transition to becoming a full-time artist.

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Lord Rakim Radio Show 36 is here!!!

Yeah after a profitable hiatus the music is back baby!!!

Lord Rakim Radio Show #36 – October 2021

01 – Mach Hommy – Marie
02 – Peter Rosenberg – Next Chamber feat. Method Man, Raekwon & Willie the Kid
03 – Willie the Kid & V Don – Glass Shoppin’ (feat. Vado)
04 – Ransom – All The Kings Men (Feat. Mickey Factz & J Arr)
05 – Agallah-The Lost Village feat. Blue Raspberry & Planet Asia
06 – Planet Asia & Musalini – Slide Tonight feat. Littles
07 – Zo & Tall Black Guy -The Ride feat. Sy Smith, Black Milk & Elzhi
08 – Lyric Jones – Cruisin’ feat. Little Brother-edit
09 – HRSMN – Apocalips Now feat. Dina Rae
10 – Termanology & Shortyfuz – The Shade feat. Jared Evan
11 – Tonya Morgan – Boots and Practice
12 – Murs – Diana Doom



One DriveBoxBox-192k Mp4

Upon Further Revue: Lionel Richie – Hello

Some things haven’t aged well over the years. Lionel Richie’s video, “HELLO” is one of those things. The song is damn near perfect. But stalking your blind student is NOT the move. The 80s were wild! Feel free to drop a suggestion for another old-school video you’d like to see TPT review.

Upon Further Revue: Lionel Richie – Hello – YouTube


Make DIY Acapellas with RX8 Music Rebalance Module | iZotope – YouTube

In this video tutorial, Joshua Casper uses the updated Music Rebalance module in RX8 by iZotope to make an incredible and clean DIY Acapella from a song. Music Rebalance has been updated with beefier algorithms that use better machine learning to separate different elements of a full song.

This allows you to easily adjust a mix or a master track after it’s been rendered. It also allows you to make DIY acapellas easily if you are looking to do such a thing.

The Music Rebalance module in RX8 also now has a “separate” option which will separate and create four stems (vocals, bass, drums, other) automatically with the click of one button.

Make DIY Acapellas with RX8 Music Rebalance Module | iZotope – YouTube