The Truth About Natural Talent | EP #278 feat Blueprint & Illogic

While the majority of the world views natural talent as a guarantee for success, being in the music industry has shown us otherwise. After seeing dozens of naturally talented artists fail to reach their goals, we know that it takes much more to be successful. In this episode, Blueprint and Illogic break down the gift and curse of being naturally talented.

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DeMar DeRozan Hangs Out with Q + D | Knuckleheads S7: E5

As the song goes, “My city love me like DeMar DeRozan.” Whether that be SoCal, Toronto or Chicago, DeMar comes through with the word on this week’s episode of Knuckleheads. The 4x All-Star details his journey from Compton to becoming the face of the Toronto Raptors. He gets into what it was like seeing the Raptors win, what he learned under Coach Popovich, and why he’s so excited to be on the Chicago Bulls. And you won’t want to miss some never before heard (and Drake-approved) bars. Tune in, y’all!

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Why Nas and Hit-Boy Succeeded | Ep #277 feat Blueprint & Illogic

As lifetime fans (and sometimes critics) of Nas, we were both excited when he dropped his brand new album “Magic” on Christmas Eve. The project was his third consecutive with producer Hit-Boy and forced us to admit that the Nas and Hit-Boy pairing has been a huge success. In this episode, Blueprint and Illogic use interview clips from Nas and Hit-Boy to break down exactly why their collaboration has been so successful thus far.

Why Rappers Hate Jobs | EP #276 feat Blueprint & Illogic

While most rappers would love to be able to live exclusively off their art, the vast majority will not have the financial success to make it work. Yet many have no desire to get a “regular” job. In this episode, we break down why so many rappers are reluctant to take on a job that would help stabilize their lives.

Lord Jamar Live with guest Tom & Nate of Surplus Arme and First Line Defense LLC – YouTube


Jamar sits down with the owners of one of the few Black owned gun brands in the country to talk about our upcoming RAPPERS WITH RIFLES charity event.

Lord Jamar Live with guest Tom & Nate of Surplus Arme and First Line Defense LLC – YouTube