3 Ways to Stop Your Phone From Being Tracked

Your smartphone can be used to track you in many ways, but you can keep this to a minimum if you’re diligent. Here, we’ll teach you how.

You probably use your phone for many business-related and personal reasons throughout the day. However, you may not realize that what you do on your phone is not necessarily private.

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A Forgotten War Technology Could Safely Power Earth For Millions Of Years. Here’s Why We Aren’t Using It | IFLScience

  • Humanity may face an energy crisis as the world’s population rapidly grows.
  • Nuclear power plants can generate bountiful, carbon-free electricity, but their solid fuel is problematic, and aging reactors are being shut down.
  • A Cold War-era liquid-fueled reactor design could transform thorium — a radioactive waste from mining — into a practically limitless energy source.
  • US engineers proved such a system works during the 1960s. However, the military canceled the project and it was nearly forgotten.
  • Companies and governments are now trying to revive and evolve the design, but development costs, regulations, and nuclear-weapons concerns all pose hurdles.
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Floating “Blowhole” Platform Can Generate Energy From Just Waves

Blowhole Energy

Generating power from ocean waves isn’t exactly a new idea.

Many have tried to turn the movement of waves into a renewable form of energy with varying degrees of success. For one, conditions have to be just right to harvest significant amounts of energy.

But Australian company Wave Swell Energy (WSE) claims to have the ultimate solution with its UniWave 200 prototype, a transportable sea platform capable of generating 200 kilowatts of power using an artificial “blowhole” — and it’s already been put to work, powering homes.

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Fiat Testing Roads That Wirelessly Charge EVs While You Drive – Review Geek

A common concern when it comes to electric vehicles is charging. That includes the electric grid handling the growing demand or having enough charging stations where we drive. Thankfully, in the future, we could have roads with wireless charging built-in, and our cars can charge as we drive.

Stellantis, the company behind popular brands including Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Citroën, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep, and many others, has been working on a new inductive charging road system of the future since last year and testing it on a Fiat 500 EV.

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TikTok’s In-App Browser Reportedly Capable of Monitoring Anything You Type – MacRumors

tiktok logo

TikTok’s custom in-app browser on iOS reportedly injects JavaScript code into external websites that allows TikTok to monitor “all keyboard inputs and taps” while a user is interacting with a given website, according to security researcher Felix Krause, but TikTok has reportedly denied that the code is used for malicious reasons.

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New Tesla Key Card Vulnerability Lets Hackers Silently Steal Your Ride – Review Geek

It’s no secret that Tesla has endured its share of potential problems regarding hackers accessing vehicles. However, a new report out of Austria shows a big vulnerability with Tesla’s NFC key cards that could let a hacker add a new card, then steal your car.

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Man who built ISP instead of paying Comcast $50K expands to hundreds of homes | Ars Technica

Giant rolls of fiber conduit and other equipment on a truck.

Jared Mauch, the Michigan man who built a fiber-to-the-home Internet provider because he couldn’t get good broadband service from AT&T or Comcast, is expanding with the help of $2.6 million in government money.

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Tesla Has Reportedly Been Using Bots Since 2013 to Manipulate Stock Prices

New research finds that Twitter bots have long been cheerleading for Tesla, but to what end?

One of the most controversial facets of social media is how much influence a single user can have on how people view real-world happenings. On Twitter in particular, the surge of trending topics and hashtags can lead to cries of market manipulation (see: meme stocks like AMC and GameStop and fluctuations in crypto valuation). 

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5 Mind-Boggling Online Image Editors to Do Photoshop Effects Without Photoshop

From removing backgrounds and objects in photos to turning small pictures into poster-sized prints, these online image editors are easier than Photoshop and completely free.

Adobe Photoshop might be the best photo-editing software out there, but it’s complicated and expensive for novices. But the effects that it does are easily replicable through other photo editors that use AI. The ones we talk about here are browser-based apps that work on desktop or mobile and don’t include any hidden costs. So who needs Photoshop, right?

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