Album Reviews Four | EP #268 feat Blueprint & Illogic – YouTube

LOL man they went hard on Nas & Common’s latest projects….

It’s been almost a year since we’ve done an album reviews episode, so we decided to bring it back. This week we’re reviewing albums from Kanye, Curly Castro, Common, Nas, and Cesar Comanche & Poe Mack.

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The Godcast Episode 198: Diamond D & Talib Kweli – YouTube

Good interview and Talib and Jamar bumping heads on the vaccine was entertaining…. but Talib been buggin out online awhile calling everybody nazis and so on cuz they don’t believe like him…


Yanadameen Godcast #198: Full episode

The Godcast Episode 198: Diamond D & Talib Kweli – YouTube

Upon Further REVUE: Positive K – I Got A Man – YouTube

I only roast the ones I love. And I used to love this damn song. I didn’t realize how creepy it was at the time though so I’m partially blaming some of my trash youth ways on this bop (yea, I know. I’m fulla shxt!). This jawn is the anthem of all dudes who holla at gas stations. It’s also the anthem for all men that say, “What? You can’t have a friend?” (Has that line ever worked?)

Upon Further REVUE: Positive K – I Got A Man – YouTube

Pursuing Art With a Full-Time Job Part 1 & 2 – EP #265 feat Blueprint & Illogic – YouTube

The show got broken up in 2 parts.. so be sure to check the 2nd half below….


One of the most sensitive topics for artists is working a full-time job. On one hand we all agree they are necessary to make money, but on the other hand they sap the time and energy you could be putting into your art. In this episode, we break down ten things that an artist must understand to maximize their time working a full time job if they ever want to make the transition to becoming a full-time artist.

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Media isn’t telling the whole story about the Texas shooter… he was being robbed and bullied…

That was not a school shooting… this was a young man targeted because he had nice things and drove a nice car to school… who was robbed and bullied by bloods and shot back…. in this video , u see him getting ragdolled in class… where is the teacher? where is security?
His family stated this had been goin on for a while and I guess he was fed up….
I don’t condone shooting civilians but media is not telling the whole story…..

Julius Erving AKA Dr. J Joins Q and D | Knuckleheads S6: E15 | The Players’ Tribune – YouTube


It’s the Season 6 finale of Knuckleheads, y’all! And we’ve got a real one to close it out for you. One of the greatest ever to do it. New York legend. Rucker Park hero. Philadelphia superstar. The high-flying hooper every kid wanted to be, a man who made his mark on the sport forever with a name the game will never forget, it’s JULIUS … DR.J … ERVING! Nothing but love for our OG. Make an appointment with the Doctor and tune in for this very special episode of Knuckleheads.

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Boston Dynamics’ robots can parkour better than you | Engadget


Don’t expect an easy getaway if one of Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robots ever chases you down. The Hyundai-owned firm has shared a video (below) of the humanoid bots successfully completing a parkour routine in an obstacle course for the first time. The pair of Atlas machines leapt gaps, vaulted beams and even coordinated a backflip, all without missing a beat — they might be more graceful than you are.

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