Missouri restaurant calls cops after waitress gets tired of serving black man’s birthday party

Dining while black ain’t nothing new…. surprised it ain’t happened to me in Texas but I guess I’m too light skinned to bother them… smmfh lazy ass waitress should be fired too

A black Missouri man was humiliated during his birthday party after a waitress gave up on his group — and managers called police to escort them out. Continue reading



I think is gonna be dope!!

Mongolian Beef, the first single and video from the Czarface Meets Ghostface LP where Ghostface Killah and Czarface combine for a full album of savagery. Directed by:
Shawn A. Johnson (Nektr) @oldsoulbrother1 the album drops February 15th make sure to cop it at getondown.com

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Did you know these iPhone apps record your screen while you use them?

Fucking Apple.. smh but google ain’t much better with some of the latest news of their data collection methods….

When an app says it’s collecting data for technical support or analytics purposes, it seems innocuous but a report by TechCrunch and The App Analyst found a number of iOS applications that went much further without informing users. The apps mentioned, including Air Canada, Abercrombie & Fitch, Expedia, Hotels.com and others used analytics software from a company called Glassbox that embeds “session replay” tech to show them exactly what users are doing. Continue reading

Woman who filmed shooting of Botham Jean fired from job in retaliation

Gotta love Texas…. smmfh

The unjustified shooting death of Botham Jean by Dallas police officer Amber Guyger sent shockwaves through America. Guyger entered his apartment allegedly thinking it was her own and shot him dead. Now the lone witness to the Botham Jean shooting has stated her life is in turmoil and she is being labeled a Black radical. Continue reading

Man·Sions/man(t)SH(ə)n/ SG: Geoff Brown, Bobby Mateen Stewart, Glanton-Smith & RizzaIslam

“Man·Sions/man(t)SH(ə)n/:Topic: The Very First Current Event Man•Sions Show!

SG: Geoff Brown, Bobby Mateen Stewart, Glanton-Smith & RizzaIslam

Terry Cruz, Jussie Smollett, Michael Jackson, Kamala Harris and much more!

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