Graphic Design (Photoshop – PSP – GIMP) Stuff

a good collection of graphic links I’ve found and used over the years and now I share with you all… let me know if there are any dead links…

TextureMateFree Textures, Brushes, Patterns and Design Articles.


Photoshop to Paint Shop Pro Term Dictionary

GoMediaZine – nice art site – Nice links to various Photoshop stuff…

Planet Photoshop – Tutorials and Resources

Urban Dirty – Nice site with free textures – Has free templates, tutorials and more…

30 Excellent Resources for Graphic Design Freebies



31 good graphic related sites

Paint Shop Pro X2 Tips and Tricks

Graphics & Design Freeware Software Download

110 feeds for designers

47 tutorials for creating professional posters and ads


25+ Photoshop Tutorials for Poster Design

IconFinder – has icons in all kinds of formats NEW

Image Packs from Shooting Stars




Renders – Free Renders & C4Ds
sneakybaron render list




Dreamy, Magical and Lighting Effects Photoshop Tutorials

How to Dodge & Burn and what its for

Toon Tutorial PART 1 Link PART 2 Link PART 3 Link PART4 Link PART 5 Link

Luminosity Tutorial

Vector Car Tutorial

Create your own animated rain using Adobe Photoshop.

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