LR Mobile & WebApp Download Page

I completely redesigned the mobile app (AGAIN!) and while it’s still a WIP… it’s coming along nicely WHILE IN BETA…. which means please give feedback on any issues u have but it’s not finished ok?

Latest version is 0.24.7

Download from Box

Download from OneDrive

if you wish to try my last version

One Drive!AntEPGqNtLnLknSypqrseUcCgs5u


if the unsigned doesn’t work, try the debug version


and Ye Old version if u wanna see where I came from….It’s my WebKit app turned into an Android APK

DOWNLOAD it here

LR Android App 0.84

link 2 at OneDrive

link 3 at

or you can use the WebApp which is located at

It has links to everything that is me on the Interwebs (lol) and anything you would need to contact me or donate money to one of my many ventures….

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