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I personally don’t use Chrome because Google and their snooping is getting ridiculous these days… Vivaldi, Edge, & Opera are good Chromium based alternative browsers

Best Ad Blockers for Chrome

Ads are one of the biggest annoyances that you will come across while surfing the internet. Websites place ad banners, and when visitors view the ads or interact with them, it earns the site revenue.  Nearly every website has ads, even big ones like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, etc.  Why? Because it costs money to operate website.

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How Your Ad Blocker Can Track You Across the Web

Big business just don’t GAF about privacy or user rights….. hell did they ever?


Ah, ad blockers. Even if you aren’t among the growing number of people downloading one of these extensions, chances are you’ve heard people sing their praises for all sorts of reasons. They make the web a less cluttered, less laggy, less invasive place to be. So naturally, the money-hungry tech upstarts have found a way to ruin these tools for their own gain.

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Block All Ads From Your Amazon Fire Stick and Fire TV | Android Devices Too!

I’ll show you how to block all ads from your Fire Stick, Fire TV, Android Box, Android Phone, and Android Tablet. Hate ads from Youtube and your favorite APK’s? Then this simple install will help you out! And it’s totally free!
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How to Block Ads in Windows for free


This will come in handy when you are watching TV online or downloading files from many of the filesharing sites BUT zshare will block u since u are blocking their ads. I’ll put instructions to add zshare to the excluded list so u can use them if necessary OR u could always just set Jdownloader or whatever download manager u use to NOT use privoxy as it’s proxy.
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