Ransomware Attack Caused Power Outages in the Biggest South African City

Ransomware is no joke… stuff like this shows how nepotism and ish put people in jobs like cybersecurity they ain’t qualified for an everyone suffers…

Yesterday, some residents of Johannesburg, the largest city in South Africa, were left without electricity after the city’s power company got attacked by a ransomware virus.
City Power, the company responsible for powering South Africa’s financial capital Johannesburg, confirmed Thursday on Twitter that it had been hit by a Ransomware virus that had encrypted all of its databases, applications, and network. Continue reading

Malika Animated Pilot Trailer FINAL

This looks pretty dope

synopsis: Set in fifteenth-century West Africa, Malika: Warrior Queen follows the exploits of Queen and military commander, Malika, who struggles to keep the peace in her ever-expanding empire. Growing up as a prodigy, Malika inherited the crown from her father in the most unusual of circumstances, splitting the Kingdom of Azzaz in half. After years of civil war, Malika was able to unite all of Azzaz, expanding it into one of the largest empires in all of West Africa. Continue reading

Meet the Genius Ghanaians who Turn Plastic Waste into Fuels to Power Cars

This is so dope… this is why we need to come together from the different parts of the diaspora and don’t let this ADOS & reparations (we will never get…) stuff divide us…. we have capital and they have innovation and raw materials….

At a time when plastic has become a herculean menace for many countries, here in Ghana, young individuals are undertaking projects that turn plastic waste into fuel like grease, diesel and petrol for household use. Continue reading

From Son of Slaves to the Father of Black Nationalism: Do You Know Martin Delany? | Urban Intellectuals

I wasn’t up on him myself…

Martin Delany was a Civil Rights activist, author, editor, and doctor who came into this world on May 6, 1812. Born in Charles Town, West Virginia, as the son of slaves, his grandfather on his father’s side was a village chieftain while his grandfather on his mother’s side was known as a Mandingo prince. Delany’s mother, Pati, won her freedom and started working as a seamstress. She became determined to educate her five children. However, someone turned her in for teaching her children how to read and write, so the family moved and settled in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. Delany’s father, Samuel, joined them a year later after he paid for his freedom. Continue reading

Ghana to launch Universal QR CODE for payments this year–VP Bawumia – The Presidency, Republic of Ghana

Just remember stories like these when people try to tell you Afrika is backwater and backwards… when AmeriKKKa is so technically and intellectually behind much of the world..

Ghana will this year launch a new payment method using universal QR codes, Vice President Bawumia has announced.

Vice President Bawumia announced this next level of Government’s digitisation agenda on Saturday, July 6, at the closing ceremony of the  2019 Diaspora Celebration and Homecoming summit in Accra. Continue reading

Triggerfish Launches Free Online Course For Aspiring African Animators

This is pretty dope… and they are doin something coming out on Netflix!! I knew nothing of South Africa’s animation work but I’ll definitely look into this… when I got time lol

As Africa’s animation sector booms, the continent’s largest animation studio has launched a new initiative to spur it on. South Africa’s Triggerfish has created a free online course, Triggerfish Academy, to help budding artists understand what it means to work in animation, and encourage them to join the industry. Continue reading

Nigerian Scientist: Gates Foundation Funding ‘Population Control’ in Africa

Been saying this for a while… the Gates Foundation is no good and was a good way for Bill to avoid taxes back when he ran Microsoft… but she is misguided when it comes to orangina…

In the age of YouTube, news interviews often go viral. Yet there are few videos more explosive than when Nigerian national Obianuju Ekeocha, a biomedical scientist currently living in England, sparred with a BBC anchor in a clip now viewed by tens of millions. Continue reading

Pope admits clerical abuse of nuns including sexual slavery

Admitted huh? Not ike he had a choice… smmfh

Pope Francis has admitted that clerics have sexually abused nuns, and in one case they were kept as sex slaves.

He said in that case his predecessor, Pope Benedict, was forced to shut down an entire congregation of nuns who were being abused by priests. Continue reading

How the autobiography of a Muslim slave is challenging an American narrative

As the memes says, they kidnapped doctors, lawyers, and intellectuals and made them slaves…. notice how the YT says “written by a slave” smmfh just disrespectful….

Read it here

His entire collection at the Library of Congress

Omar Ibn Said was 37 years old when he was taken from his West African home and transported to Charleston, South Carolina, as a slave in the 1800s. Now, his one-of-a-kind autobiographical manuscript has been translated from its original Arabic and housed at the Library of Congress, where it “annihilates” the conventional narrative of African slaves as uneducated and uncultured. Amna Nawaz reports. Continue reading

How African courts glorify colonialism with wigs and gowns

I always wondered why Afrikans still do the same ish as the former colonial oppressors….

The tradition of wearing horsehair wigs, perukes, ‘a term derived from the French word perruque (weaving wig)’ and gowns by the judiciary predates the 15th Century. In the 14th Century, during the reign of King Edward III, the accepted costume for nobles who appeared before the Court of the king was the robe. Continue reading