Kandeka, the Ancestor of Modern Slap-Boxing

Kandeka or “Onghandeka” (Namibian spelling), is an ancient African Montu Art practiced by Bantu people in modern-day Congo, Angola, and Namibia. It was originally an activity for young boys to partake in while older boys did N’golo (the ancestor of Capoeira). This art got implanted in African-American culture via the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. Not only is Kandeka an ethnic sport in Africa, it is now also a favored activity in the Black/African-American culture. It is now called “slap-boxing” in the United States.

Kandeka, the Ancestor of Modern Slap-Boxing – YouTube

Cecil Rhodes & De Beers: Genocide Diamonds

This ofay was worse than Hitler yes since it was against Afrikans, it’s OK to have scholarships and so on named after this savage.

The evil that men do lives after them – and rarely more miserably than in the case of Cecil Rhodes, who died 100 years ago this month.

By Matthew Sweet

North of the Zambezi, they have long known about the suppression of free speech, about the bloody redistribution of land along racial lines, about politicians happy to employ armed – and sometimes uniformed – mobs to kill their opponents. They are practices imported to this region, along with the railways, by the British.

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Why return artifacts, sculptures, but not the looted gold, diamonds and other resources? – EYEGAMBIA

I don’t expect fairness from savages….

The admission of outright theft of over 500 historical objects including 440 bronzes by the British and the commitment to repatriate such to Nigeria has triggered a whole different conversation.

Africans worldwide have shared their views on the development; whilst some called on Berlin to include the revenue generated by those objects from the time they were stolen till the time they are returned to Nigeria, others took their argument from the ‘reparation’ perspective.

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Nigerian Woman Builds Software for Teaching African Languages | EYEGAMBIA

In what many refer to as an excellent initiative to sustain African languages in the modern era, a young Nigerian-American woman known as Omolabake Adenle has developed a software which teaches about five local African languages with expectations to expand the scope in the near future.

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Why Ghana will no longer sell cocoa to Switzerland – Face2Face Africa


A year ago, Ghana’s President Nana Akufo-Addo became the first African leader to be invited in about 60 years on a state visit to Switzerland. But his visit may not have gone as his host would wish as he announced that his country will soon end the process of selling raw materials to trade partners for onward value addition.

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Medieval Africans Had a Unique Process for Purifying Gold With Glass – Atlas Obscura

The coin mold fragments found in Tadmekka, Mali.

WHEN SAM NIXON, AN ARCHAEOLOGIST with the British Museum, excavated ancient coin molds in Tadmekka, Mali, in 2005, it triggered a several-year exploration of how medieval Africans purified the gold they were using for their currency. Nixon had found little droplets of highly refined gold left over in the molds—which have been dated to the 11th century—as well as curious fragments of glass. Now scientists have recreated the advanced process behind the purification method they used then.

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Meet the Senegalese man using home materials to create Afro style Sneakers | EYEGAMBIA


Cheikh Mbacke Thiam also known as Cheikh Dal which translates as shoe in the Wolof language, is a Senegalese entrepreneur and innovator. He started learning the art of fashion at a very young age and was introduced to shoemaking by his brother. Cheikh started his craft by making shoes for children and eventually fell in love with it. 

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South African Court Overturns Convictions of Two White Farmers Sentenced for Killing Black Teen Over Alleged Stolen Sunflower Plants

Why am I not surprised…. cuz SA ain’t changed much….

Two white South African farmers previously convicted of murder for killing a Black teenager who had allegedly stolen sunflower plants, were acquitted Friday, Nov. 27, by the South African Supreme Court of Appeal.

Pieter Doorewaard, 28, and Phillip Schutte, 35, were convicted last year for killing 15-year-old Matlhomola Mosweu in April of 2017 after the two men caught the teenager stealing sunflowers from a farm near the small town of Coligny in South Africa’s North West province.

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