Hackers trace ISIS Twitter accounts back to internet addresses linked to Department of Work and Pensions

Color me surprised *insert sarcasm here*

Hackers have claimed that a number of Islamic State supporters’ social media accounts are being run from internet addresses linked to the Department of Work and Pensions.

A group of four young computer experts who call themselves VandaSec have unearthed evidence indicating that at least three ISIS-supporting accounts can be traced back to the DWP.

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Anonymous carries out its threat, releases identities of alleged Ku Klux Klan members

Image from an 'Anonymous' video (YouTube)

Excuse my post earlier but let’s just face it.. Anon is a collective and being untraceable is part of their MO so it does make it easier to fake being them or go “rogue” BUT

the real list http://pastebin.com/wbvP95wg

mbers of the hacker group Anonymous released what they called a list of Ku Klux Klan members and sympathizers on Thursday.

The document, uploaded on Pastebin, contains hundreds of names and aliases. Among them is Frazier Glenn Miller, the white supremacist who killed three people at a Jewish community center in Kansas City.

The release came three days after the group was mistakenly credited with posting a separate list containing the names of several current lawmakers, like Sens. Dan Coats (R-IN), John Cornyn (R-TX), John Hardy Isakson (R-GA), and Thom Tillis (R-NC). None of them was named in the document posted on Thursday.
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KKK Politicians: Anonymous Exposes KKK Ties of United States Politicians , Senators & Mayors

Expose them!!! Click here for the list and here for the video

By now you have seen the threats by the hacktivist known as Anonymous saying they will expose 1,000 United States politicians that have ties to the KKK. Well, they have started to make good on their promise to leak the names.

We woke up this morning to find a video circulating the internet by Anonymous, an unknown group of hackers with a decentralized command structure, that claims to expose members of the KKK participating in the US Government as Senators and Mayors across the country.

Not only does the video reveal the names of the politicians, but also which KKK group they are affiliated with as well. It is unknown the source of affiliation or how Anonymous received the information.

The video states they are not going to put the home address of these KKK politicians out to the general public in fear of someone retaliating against these racist. However, they do put their full name, cities they work in and the address of their political office in the video.

The video exposing the names and pictures of the KKK politicians is only 2:52 secs long and doesn’t contain the promised 1,000 names. However, we are suspecting this is only a partial list and there are more to come in the near future. The list does include several prominent Senators and Mayors around the country thus far.

The hackers at Anonymous have rarely provided a “ threat” they didn’t deliver on in full. Thus, we are expecting additional names, faces and KKK ties to be revealed.

Here is a partial list of USA KKK Politicians according to Anonymous:

Senator Tom Tillis from North Carolina
Senator John Cornyn, Texas
Senator, John Horne Iverson, Georgia
Senator, Dan Coats, Indiana
Mayor, Madeline Rogero, Knoxville TN
Mayor Jim Mayer, Lexington KY
Mayor Kent Guinn, Ocala, Florida
Mayor Tom Henry, Fort Wayne Indiana

via KKK Politicians: Anonymous Exposes KKK Ties of United States Politicians | Senators & Mayors | Urban Intellectuals.

Anonymous Exposes Texas Police For Murdering Sandra Bland

Get em!!

The Anonymous collective is enraged at the failed attempt by Waller County PD and the Texas Trooper Association to mask a blatant act of crime against an innocent woman. And we will not stand as Sandra’s death becomes another hashtag and then a statistic.


– Booking doc: http://bit.ly/1CVh5BW
– Suicide doc: http://bit.ly/1TXnosZ / http://bit.ly/1emrLh6

– #SandraWasMurdered: http://bit.ly/1VFltuX
– The room: http://bit.ly/1VFlvTv
– The shadows: http://bit.ly/1Ms79mr / http://bit.ly/1HYknku
– Waller County Jail mugshots: http://bit.ly/1IjiDSn (website: http://bit.ly/1IrWN5f)
– Sandra Bland mugshot: http://bit.ly/1LCny7U

– Waller County’s History of Racism: http://bit.ly/1JjBUbk
– Sandra Bland Becomes The Latest Victim Of The ‘Marijuana Smear’: http://bit.ly/1HYlsJb

Sandra Bland was murdered. Anonymous exposes this crime and demands the arrests of those involved.

via Anonymous Exposes Texas Police For Murdering Sandra Bland | Sheep Media.

Anonymous Reminds Israel ‘We Didn’t Forget About You,’ Attacks In Response To Illegal Settlements


Anonymous “hacktivists” with the Red Cult Team have been very busy lately, taking on ISIS sites and social media accounts for the better part of the past month. But today, they carried out a “flash attack” against the State of Israel, along with the message: “Stop the abuse of Palestinian children!.”

Our contacts told us that the reason for the attack was specifically in protest of the State of Israel’s approval of construction permits for more than 550 illegal settlement units in East Jerusalem.

“The local planning and building committee had dealt with request of private enterprises to approve building permits for 386 units in Har Homa, 136 units in Neve Yakov and 36 units in Pisgat Zeev for plans approved years ago,” the Jerusalem municipality announced in a statement this month.

The settlements are illegal under international law. Since the State of Israel is refusing to abide by international law, Anonymous hacktivists said they will enforce the law against them when other nations prove unable or unwilling to do so.

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Anonymous exposes Kendrick Johnson death conspiracy

It’s been so many black men getting killed I forgot about this one…. Damn our lives mean nothing to LE and white supremacy in general…. and then one of the suspects plays for Florida State now?? Damn shame…

Here’s the video link

The ‘Hacktivist’ group Anonymous has been a consistent source of counter cultural news and activism. The latest alleged video from Anonymous now deals with the mystery surrounding the death of black teen Kendrick Johnson.  Johnson’s body was found rolled up in school wrestling mat in Valdosta, Georgia and was officially ruled accidental by the Lowndes County Coroner.

The family of Kendrick Johnson and supporters have refused to accept this explanation and believe Johnson was murdered. In addition, the family believes there is a vast conspiracy to protect those individuals who might be responsible because of law enforcement connections. The family recently filed a $100 million wrongful death lawsuit that names more than 30 defendants and the city of Valdosta. Because of possible conflict of interest issues with the case, seven judges have recused themselves from hearing the lawsuit. There is an ongoing federal investigation surrounding Johnson’s death and many prominent Valdosta and Lowndes County, Georgia citizens have been made to testify during the federal investigation.

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