Atlanta Officer Kills Black Woman, Injures Child, Following Breastfeeding Argument

Just senseless…. smmfh

In a continuation of the ongoing police scandals rocking the country, 28-year-old Latoya Smith has been pronounced dead following an incident this afternoon in Atlanta, according to multiple local media outlets. Continue reading

Vigilante-wannabe Atlanta clerk arrested after holding innocent 11-year-old black boy at gunpoint

An Atlanta store clerk has been taken into custody after he accused an innocent 11-year-old black boy of stealing — then locked him in his store and held him at gunpoint, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
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Thousands of protesters block highway in Atlanta in march against police brutality

I’m sorry but I don’t think marching helps now or even back then… u expect your oppressors to feel sorry for having their foot on your neck… and Snoop continues to disappoint me… he ain’t even rasta no more so that was a farce….

Thousands of protesters block highway in Atlanta in a peaceful march against police brutality, with cops across the nation on high alert in wake of Dallas shooting.
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Bishop Eddie Long Being Sued For Getting His Members Involved in a Ponzi Scheme

If u still fuck with this gay dude in any capacity, then u kinda deserve what u get..

Embattled Atlanta pastor Eddie Long is being sued by church members who say Long encouraged them to invest money in a ponzi scheme.

Over a dozen New Birth Missionary Baptist Church members have filed suit in Dekalb County Georgia, alleging that Long encouraged them to invest in businessman Ephren Taylor’s company, even after Long’s assistant had been tipped off that Taylor was running a ponzi scheme.

The letter Long’s assistant reportedly received warned  that Taylor was running a $3 million dollar deficit and that there would be no return on investment if parishioners invested with Taylor.
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Atlanta Man’s Body Found In California Desert Without Organs


the real invasion of the body snatchers… melanated organs work better in transplants… do the knowledge… go to the link for the news video

A Georgia woman is searching for answers after her 24 year-old son was found dead in Death Valley, California with several of his internal organs missing.

Iris Flowers’ son Ryan Singleton (pictured) had left Atlanta back in July to pursue his dream to become a Hollywood actor. Sadly, the dream was cut short when he went missing during a trip to Las Vegas and eventually was found dead by joggers on September 21, in the desert near Baker, Calif.
Soon after, Flowers received the heart-breaking phone call about her son’s body being discovered by local authorities, along with the strange details that his organs were missing.

“There were no organs,” Flowers told FOX 5 Atlanta. “He said, ‘Ma’am, there were no eyes, there was no heart, there were no lungs, there was no liver, there were no kidneys.”
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Atlanta school teachers sent to prison? How stupid is that?

I thought it was quite stupid and over the top…

From the Atlanta Journal Constitution:


Ten out of the 11 former Atlanta Public Schools educators found guilty of racketeering and other charges were still in jail Thursday awaiting news about the possibility they may be released on bond.


Almost immediately after the guilty verdicts were read Wednesday by a Fulton County jury, the former educators were handcuffed and taken into custody. In dramatic images seen around the world, the educators removed jewelry and handed personal belongings to their attorneys and loved ones before being led away in handcuffs to jail to await sentencing, which will come in the next couple of weeks.


One guilty defendant, Shani Robinson, is in her final months of pregnancy and was not in court as the verdicts were read. She will be sentenced in August on a yet-to-be released date. The defendants will be sentenced April 13 at 10 a.m.


Only former Dobbs Elementary School teacher, Dessa Curb, was acquitted of all charges.

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