#TimesUp On Criminalizing Masculinity

All this LMNOP ish is an attack on heterosexual men and specifically Indigenous men….

Terry Crews revealed a #MeToo moment of his own earlier this year. While he became the butt of many jokes, some of us took heed of what he said and thought about our lives. Were their times we were touched as we were younger and ignored it despite feeling comfortable? The touch usually came from a family friend, friend, relative, respected person in the community and the person wasn’t always a male. Continue reading

Why We Need to Pay More Attention to the Sexual Abuse of Black Boys

No one ever wants to talk about why so many of our men are broken…. because they have been tampered with…

It’s rare to hear or read about a discussion centered solely on the sexual abuse of Black boys. I’ve only seen this topic come up when women are interrupted while discussing the childhood sexual abuse of Black girls. That interruption only serves to derail the conversation entirely or, at best, feels like an inappropriate time to scream “this happens to boys, too.” Continue reading