10 Games By Black Developers That You Need To Play Right Now – AfroTech

When it comes to the gaming industry, Black people are severely underrepresented within companies. According to the 2017 International Game Developers Association Satisfaction Survey, only one percent of professionals within the industry identify as Black.

This lack of representation often leaves some titles with frustrating content. From games that either replicate stereotypes or just pretend Black people don’t exist, it’s an understandably frustrating experience. However, there are developers outside of the major companies that everybody knows.

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Lord Jamar Live with guest Tom & Nate of Surplus Arme and First Line Defense LLC – YouTube


Jamar sits down with the owners of one of the few Black owned gun brands in the country to talk about our upcoming RAPPERS WITH RIFLES charity event.



Lord Jamar Live with guest Tom & Nate of Surplus Arme and First Line Defense LLC – YouTube

Hardware (2021) By David Kirkman (Fan Film)

Curtis Metcalf’s tech inventions has made the company he works for billions. All is put into question when he asks for a seat at the table- to be on the receiving end of those contracts- and weaponizing his tech after discovering something far more sinister.

Hardware (2021) By David Kirkman | Dakota City Chronicles Part 3 | Portuguese Subtitles | Fan Film – YouTube

Nigerian Woman Builds Software for Teaching African Languages | EYEGAMBIA

In what many refer to as an excellent initiative to sustain African languages in the modern era, a young Nigerian-American woman known as Omolabake Adenle has developed a software which teaches about five local African languages with expectations to expand the scope in the near future.

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Jamal Mashburn Joins Q and D | Knuckleheads S6: E4


Jamal MONSTER MASH Mashburn takes us through his 12-year career in the NBA on this episode of Knuckleheads with Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles. The All-Star hooper and big-time businessman brings the heat for this week’s show!

Jamal Mashburn Joins Q and D | Knuckleheads S6: E4 | The Players’ Tribune – YouTube


Inside This Amazon Scientist’s $25 Million Plan to Turn 12 Abandoned Acres in Jackson, Mississippi Into a Tech Hub | Inc.com

Nashlie Sephus’s latest venture isn’t just a moonshot. It’s a homecoming. Her goal: Create a tech hub out of 12 abandoned acres of vacant lots and derelict buildings in the heart of downtown Jackson, Mississippi.

The 35-year-old has spent the past four years splitting her time between Jackson, her hometown, and Atlanta, where she works as an applied science manager for Amazon’s artificial intelligence initiative. Amazon had acquired Partpic, the visual recognition technology startup where she was chief technology officer, in 2016 for an undisclosed sum. In 2018, she founded the Bean Path, an incubator and technology consulting nonprofit in Jackson that she says has helped more than 400 local businesses and individuals with their tech needs.

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