Black Mississippi church burned and vandalised with ‘Vote Trump’ message | The Independent

This is what “non racist” savages do…

A black church in Mississippi has been burned and vandalised with pro-Donald Trump graffiti, in what authorities have described as a “hateful and heinous act”.

Police and fire services were called to the scene at Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church in the city of Greenville on Tuesday night. They arrived to find parts of the structure had been set alight and the words “Vote Trump” had been spray-painted on the side of the building. Continue reading


Has Jim Brown gone to the other side?

You look at all of this and tell me what u think??? Does this negate the things he did do for the community or was it just his way of tryin to integrate into society?




Should Black People Remove The N-Word From Our Vocabulary? [Full Show] – YouTube

The Godcast returns after a couple of impromptu shows during the planned break. To ease back into the normal programming schedule, this show kicks off on a “hiphop lite” mode with Lord Jamar and Rah Digga doing a rapid fire “Name Your 3 Favorite…” (5:19)
Also making a return is the “Word On The Street” segment with Skitzo. This time, Skitzo takes to the streets of Times Square to ask if white people say the n-word when they sing along to rap music (39:05) Continue reading

When The Media Treat White Suspects And Killers Better Than Black Victims

It is racism plain and simple….

Editor’s note: We’re republishing this story, which first ran in August 2014, in light of a New York Post headline earlier this week that described a white murder suspect as a “clean-cut American kid.” Police have identified 23-year-old Kenneth Gleason as a person of interest in the September slayings of two black men in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, which authorities believe may have been racially motivated. Continue reading

Eminem FINALLY Grows A Pair And Responds To Lord Jamar – YouTube

I like Rah but she was softshoe coonin for Em on this one… but we already know she biased when it comes to Em…. and he don’t give a fuck about the Outsidaz or her….

Just when the Godcast is on a break, news comes through that Eminem has dropped a “suprise” album and on this album is a “diss” response to the words that Lord Jamar has had for Eminem.
The Godcast panel reconvenes to talk about the verse that Eminem directed towards Lord Jamar and break down the lyrics to see if he’s really saying anything or not. Continue reading

LeBron’s School ¦ Rah Digga BOSSES UP on Lord Jamar

This week’s show covers a wide spectrum of topics beginning with the news of LeBron James opening a school in his hometown Akron, Ohio (6:11). Lord Jamar and Rah Digga discuss this in the broader context of the curriculum and funding of the school and what intentions LeBron has for the school? Continue reading

R. Kelly, Charlamagne Tha God + How Abuse Is Treated Amongst Black People – YouTube

Allegations of sexual abuse and rape have plagued R. Kelly for over a decade now (5:56) and he has recently released a song entitled “I Admit It” in which he addresses the allegations that have been made against him (8:39) such as raping minors and forcibly holding women in a “sex cult”.
Another person whose past has come back to haunt them in the form of rape charges is radio host Lenard McKelvey aka “Charlamagne Tha God” (13:00). For years he’s given his version of the story of the time he faced rape allegations, but recently the victim in the rape case has finally come out to give her side of the story. Continue reading

Open Letter to the White Woman Who Tried to Take My Photo Even Though I Asked Her Not To – Views from the Clearing

These YTs have no respect for anyone’s culture since most of them have stolen or appropriated what they consider their culture… kinda like the Borg….

Dear Random Settler,

You’re lucky I was dancing jingle this weekend.

Why? Because the jingle dress is a medicine dress. Not that you know this; not that you were listening when the MC explained our dance; not that it occurred to you that our regalia has any sort of meaning. Continue reading

TOP MCs: Impact & Legacy vs Top RHYME SPITTERS ¦ Lil Kim – Positive or Negative Legacy? [Full Show] – YouTube

Yanadameen Godcast episode #023

Lord Jamar and Rah Digga revisit the conversation about the top MCs in hiphop, but this time discuss the individuals and groups who had a lasting impact and left a legacy in hiphop. Continue reading