DAME DASH WAS RIGHT | EP # 214 feat Blueprint & Illogic

We recently realized that it’s been five years since Dame Dash’s iconic interview on The Breakfast Club. In this interview he introduced the hip-hop world to several concepts and philosophies that are routinely ignored by large media platforms like entrepreneurship, ownership mentality, sticking together, and hustling for your last name so your children can have it better than you did. Although he was met with a lot of initial resistance for his approach and blunt honesty, time has revealed the truth in his words. In this episode we discuss how Dame Dash was right all along. Continue reading

Amanda Seales Admits She Lied When She Said Myron Rolle Sexually Harassed Her

It’s shit like this that give light skinned females a bad name…. lawd knows I knew a few…

This is very dangerous stuff here and I am going to need Seales to do better, you can’t be putting things like this out there in the wind if it didn’t happen.

Seales went on shows and did a video accusing Ex-NFL and now Neurosurgeon Myron Rolle of being problematic with her over the phone. She then went on to say a bunch of unnamed women told her Rolle was a sexual predator but didn’t explain how and in what way before saying a woman said Rolle answered the door to his house one time naked before a date. Continue reading

Donkey Of The Day | Jason Whitlock (Defending Kristine Leahy)

For once I agree with Charlagamne…. Whitlock is a super coon…

Power 105.1 FM Breakfast Club May 19, 2017
The Breakfast Club Full Audio Power 105.1 (5-19-2017)
Power 105.1 FM Breakfast Club 5-19-2017

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Tariq Nasheed Interview at The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 (04/26/2016)

Tariq Nasheed discusses race, racism, and history within the United States. African Americans not voting until a candidate actually does something for them and how blacks can gain power.

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Corey Holcomb Talks Touring With Kevin Hart, Issues With Steve Harvey, & More On The Breakfast Club (Video)

Like John Witherspoon did, Corey Holcomb joined The Breakfast Club a few days ago to speak about a few things. The comedian gave his opinion on skin bleaching, women that grow up without fathers, Jamie Foxx, people who leave comedy clubs, if his fellow comedians get angry at things he says, and more. Before that, he addressed issues with Steve Harvey, touring with Kevin Hart and more.