“Shut Yo Mouth, & Entertain Boy” The Limits of Free Speech for Black Men!

“Shut Yo Mouth,
& Entertain Boy.”

“The Age of Thought Crimes”
A more in-depth look at The Limits of Free Speech for Black Men: Continue reading


Team TSC Carousel on Vimeo

Working on some new video ads 🙂


TeamTSC Store

Where you can find the exclusive TeamTSC brands which has throwback styles of the some of the 90s B-Boy fashions and celebrates black love


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Ethiopia takes land back from 95 investors, including a Saudi billionaire

Good biz! Afrika for afrikans!

Ethiopia has revoked a total of 412.6 hectares of land held by investors, including Ethiopian-born Saudi billionaire Mohammed Hussein al-Amoudi for failure to create jobs and develop the city, as promised when the lands were awarded to them, head of Addis Ababa Land Bank Tesfaye Tilahun told the Voice of America. Continue reading

Invest in the First Black Woman-Owned Cafe & Farmers Market Franchise That Will Be Owned by the Community

From the crib!!!

Roots & Vine Produce and Café, spearheaded by Ena Jones, a single mother of 3, born and raised in Chicago, has set its Grand Opening for this fall 2018 on Chicago’s South Side in the Morgan Park Community. The plan is to create a Wi-Fi friendly café with a healthy menu, coffee, smoothies, and juices as well as tempting pastries. Continue reading

Nike Donates Millions to Republican Candidates

Fuck Nike cuz anyone with sense knew they were doin it just for paper and cashed in like they did with some stock moves….

Nike did it.

They took the glorious afro-ed Colin Kaepernick, the face of a movement against the killings of unarmed black men, women and children, and made him the face of their “Just Do It” campaign. Continue reading

new URLs for the TeamTSC store

Well since the tr.im URL redirector seems to have died, I’ve made new URLs to get to the store






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BIT Race & Identity: Why Do Black Women Leave Tech? – Blacks In Technology

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Good article… but ladies shouldn’t leave tech but they should form their own spaces and companies so as to not be belittled…

Earlier this summer, I was honored to participate in a Minnesota Public Radio call- in show discussing women in tech. We covered a lot of ground, from how to get young girls interested in STEM to the importance of STEAM, but when the host asked, ‘So why do you think women leave tech?,’ I froze. After what felt like an eternity, I offered up some hodgepodge of thoughts that boiled down to general exhaustion. Instantly, I was unsatisfied with my answer. Continue reading

Black-Owned Daily Room Rental App Makes History as the First to Compete with Airbnb

This is a pretty dope idea especially considering we goin back to the green book for negroes times….

For the first time in history, a Black-owned portal website and app has been developed to compete in the same space as AirBnB with a unique twist of its own. It’s called DRR which stands for Daily Room Rentals, and the web site is DailyRoomRentals.com. Continue reading

Trump’s China Tariffs Are Hitting Tech Industry Hard | FileHippo News

This dude is a moron… but what do u expect from a man who has had as many failed businesses as he does…. and all he does is borrow money to start new failed businesses….

The tech industry is speaking out against Trump’s new tariffs on China imports.

Donald Trump threatened some major tariffs on foreign imports–and somehow, even on goods made in the US by companies that are not American but have tens of thousands of US employees building their products–and after a lot of posturing and tweeting, some of those tariffs have gone into effect. Specifically, the tariffs that Trump threatened against China as retaliation for allegedly stealing US technology have launched, now putting an additional 25% price tag on those goods that is to be collected by Customs and Border Protection officials upon arrival. Continue reading

White Male Workers Respond Poorly To Women And Racial Minorities In Power And Take It Out On Colleagues: Report


And in other news, water is wet…

How do white male executives handle it when a woman or person of color become CEOs of their company? Not well, a new study from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business suggests. Continue reading