DeMar DeRozan Hangs Out with Q + D | Knuckleheads S7: E5

As the song goes, “My city love me like DeMar DeRozan.” Whether that be SoCal, Toronto or Chicago, DeMar comes through with the word on this week’s episode of Knuckleheads. The 4x All-Star details his journey from Compton to becoming the face of the Toronto Raptors. He gets into what it was like seeing the Raptors win, what he learned under Coach Popovich, and why he’s so excited to be on the Chicago Bulls. And you won’t want to miss some never before heard (and Drake-approved) bars. Tune in, y’all!

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Chicago Man Called 911 for Help During Domestic Dispute. A Police Officer with a History of Assault Shot the Man Within Seconds of Arriving.

Alberto Covarrubias, a Chicago police officer who shot and killed Michael Craig, a Black man who called 911 with a domestic violence complaint last month, had a history of drinking and was disciplined for his on duty behavior in the past, records show. 

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Chicago Car Thieves Now Target Locksmiths For Key Fobs And Programing Devices – CBS Chicago

CHICAGO (CBS) —  It’s the latest target for car thieves. It’s not a Chevy or Jeep. It’s a device. It doesn’t look like much, but for crooks, it’s the key to quickly getting behind the wheel of as many cars as they want.

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Dick Gregory: Race, Comedy, & Justice – See more Chicago Humanities Festival events.

Its hard to predict whether Dick Gregory will be most celebrated as a path-breaking comedian or a trailblazing civil rights activist. Its impossible to imagine the history of either movement without him—or without his unique blending of the two. In the early 1960s, he became one of the first black comedians to perform before integrated audiences. In 1967, he ran for mayor of Chicago against Richard J. Daley, and a year later for president as the Freedom and Peace Party candidate. The author of and contributor to many politically charged books, Gregory is still a staunch, wry political voice across a range of issues as varied as nutrition, social justice, and the environment. Chicago Sun-Times columnist Laura Washington interviews the provocative and always unpredictable Gregory.

Dick Gregory: Race, Comedy, & Justice – YouTube



A hood flick from my side of town, Jeffrey Manor and it was bad even though I feel some kinda way about seeing someone who pawned some music equipment from my man back in the day…


Best Urban Drama 2020 – Best Chicago Movie – New Urban Drama 2021 – Best You Tube Movie – #mOVIE​, #aCTION​,#dRAMA​,#oSM​ FILMS,


Critcal Mass by Brian Gorman

This my guy from the Ill State U with a quick breakdown on why Chicago is the way it is due to systemic racism…

Critical Mass is an article written by Brian Gorman. It appears in the September 2020 Edition of the Metropolis Newspaper (…). Video was styled by Diverse City (

Critcal Mass by Brian Gorman – YouTube

Back on my BS after a lil turkey day vaca….

I know I ain’t posted in a bit…

had to get out a bit and see what my city was looking like and it was kinda ghost town-ish…. especially the airports…but I at least got me 2 helpings of Italian Fiesta while in town (and actually brought some home and some poundcake lol)
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