SG: Melyssa Ford 12-19-16 “How “Not” to Be A #Deadbeat Person Going into 2017

“How “Not” to Be A
((( #Deadbeat Person )))
Going into 2017 & Beyond”
“A Deeper look into the Victimhood & Self Defeatist Mentalities!”


1. Self Examination
2. Self Analysis
3. Self Correction



Why Do We Make Excuses?

Why Do We Blame others?

How Does it Feel to Be consistently Dishonest?

Are your excuses meant to inflate your worthiness in the eyes of others?

True or False?
Our Ego play a significant role in habitual excuse making.

What negative ‘Habitubes” plague your mind, relationships and life goals?

Do you fear the scrutiny of friends, family, or coworkers?

Do You Get Drained By Other People’s Energy?

True or False?
indulging in ego-boosting through excuse making will likely have the reverse result: deflated personal self-worth?

Can the DEADBEAT personality drain your energy like an energy vampire?

Are you uncomfortable with opening yourself up to others?

why are so many people governed by their Limitations?

why is being a dead beat person so comfortable to so many people?

Are you afraid your attendance would make you feel inadequate, vulnerable, or foolish at social gatherings?

Why Is it crucial to limit the time you spend discussing a vampire’s gripes?

Why is quitting so easy for so many, and why finishing so difficult for so many?

True or False?
The greatest barrier to achieving your potential is your comfort zone?

Why is it so important to master the art of following through?

True or False?
No one can motivate anyone to do anything. All a person can do for another is provide them with incentives to motivate themselves?

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