Charges expected to be dropped against 14 in another mass exoneration linked to disgraced cop Ronald Watts

Chicago’s finest doin what they do…

In the fourth mass exoneration of its kind in less than two years, 14 people are expected to have drug charges against them dropped Monday morning, the legal team behind the exonerations announced Sunday. Continue reading


Cannabis Background Screening: What Shows Up on a Background Check?

Good info here for the tokers….

Legal marijuana is more available than ever before. From Georgia to Israel to Canada to Venezuela, a growing number of countries is decriminalizing, legalizing or otherwise embracing the plant. Even the Canadian police is asking whether officers should be allowed to smoke while off the clock or not. Widespread acceptance is so high that Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal and the Canadian army all said “yes” to recreational cannabis use.

Despite all this progress, marijuana is still illegal on a federal level in most countries. As a result, it’s important to understand that a weed test can still come up during your background check. Below, we’ll explain what a marijuana test can reveal, what it doesn’t show, and a few important legal facts to keep in mind. Continue reading

Former Big Pharma CEO Pleads Guilty to Opioid Kickback Racket

Nothing happens by accident including the opiod epidemic….

During his time at the helm of opioid manufacturer Insys Therapeutics, Michael Babich conspired to pay doctors to boost prescriptions of fentanyl, a deadly opioid that has killed thousands.

As America continues to tackle the nation’s worst drug abuse epidemic in our short history, the federal justice system has finally started to go after the country’s deadliest drug dealers — Big Pharma CEOs. On Wednesday, the latest corporate pusher appeared in federal court to face responsibility for his role in expanding the opioid epidemic. Continue reading

White Wisconsin men point pistol at Uber driver’s face for cleaning out car while black

I guess every black person with a car is a drug dealer when u got the complexion for protection… smmfh

A black Milwaukee Uber driver was confronted by two gun-wielding white men while working on Saturday, but the two men face no charges because one was a concealed-carry holder, reports WISN. Continue reading

OxyContin Maker Given Patent for Opioid Addiction Treatment

smh people who make money off the pain of others are deplorable…

Purdue Pharma has long been criticized for aggressively marketing opioid painkiller OxyContin, which many believe has lead to the current opioid addiction epidemic. And now it seems the company is looking to get in on profits from treatment, too. Richard Sackler, whose family that owns and operates privately held Purdue Pharma, has been granted a patent for opioid painkiller addiction treatment. Continue reading

All the Ways Being White Helped Me Avoid Prison – VICE

White privilege in their own words…

Before I exited the courtroom, Judge James told me that, despite my felony convictions, he felt I would best serve my community from outside a prison cell. After so many chances already, I was given one more, and yes, I felt very lucky. Nearly 14 years later, luck is no longer the first word that comes to mind, however. When I consider how I avoided nine years in prison—instead getting three years in probation—the word I think of now is privilege. Continue reading

Eminem FINALLY Grows A Pair And Responds To Lord Jamar – YouTube

I like Rah but she was softshoe coonin for Em on this one… but we already know she biased when it comes to Em…. and he don’t give a fuck about the Outsidaz or her….

Just when the Godcast is on a break, news comes through that Eminem has dropped a “suprise” album and on this album is a “diss” response to the words that Lord Jamar has had for Eminem.
The Godcast panel reconvenes to talk about the verse that Eminem directed towards Lord Jamar and break down the lyrics to see if he’s really saying anything or not. Continue reading

Lyor Cohen Exposed ¦ Eric Benet Calls Out Rappers: Is music “just entertainment”? [Full Show] – YouTube

The Yanadameen Godcast responds to the “backlash” from viewers to the previous episode where Lord Jamar stated that Michael Jordan has been rumored to have invested in prisons and he’s never denied it (0:46), as well as the storm around the Charlamagne rape accusations (9:08). Lord Jamar also breaks down how there seems to be an attempt to circumvent Black people and elevate Eminem imto G.O.A.T. status in rap (19:44) Continue reading