Smif N Wessun “The Education of Smif N Wessun” feat. Minister Louis Farrakhan (Official Music Video)

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Produced by 9th Wonder & The Soul Council Directed by Calvan Fowler

Smif N Wessun “The Education of Smif N Wessun” feat. Minister Louis Farrakhan (Official Music Video) – YouTube

Yanadameen Godcast: West Coast Kam Joins Lord Jamar

Good show… 

Yanadameen Godcast, episode #124: West Coast Kam -White Nepotism: How did people like Vlad, Adam22, and Rosenberg become highly regarded in hip hop? – With Friends Like Vlad: How the Vlad situation is uniting members of the hip-hop community -Acceptable Hate Speech: You can sell murder, death, kill to black people, but speaking truth to power gets you labeled. -Vlad Did What He Did Because He’s On Code With His People -Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: It’s important we keep up the campaign against VladTV and other anti-Black media -Royce Didn’t Have To Speak Up, But Did It Any Way: Salute -And Much Much More…

Yanadameen Godcast: West Coast Kam Joins Lord Jamar – YouTube

The Black Secret Society Founded To Defend White-Supremacy And Frustrate Black Freedom

Been tellin folks about the Boule for a minute… but here read someone else’s take since no one pay me no mind…

Over the course of our history as Black people, as Africans; we have had to deal with lots of huddles, trials, attacks, betrayals, and backstabbing.  And while much of this has come from the Caucasian race, and other pale races, a good number of our injuries have been inflicted by our own.
Now we understand that it might be a hard pill to swallow for many Black people, but the truth remains that we have had our brethren betray us, over economic gains, and a place under the table of white supremacy – a place for dogs. Continue reading

Dr Wesley Muhammad Responds To Paul Guthrie

Following the discussion with Paul Guthrie, Lord Jamar opens the floor to the Nation of Islam to respond and the Yanadameen Godcast is pleased to welcome Dr Wesley Muhammad as a special guest.

Dr Wesley Muhammad speaks briefly about his background and introduction to not just the Nation of Islam but also to the Five Percent Nation, as well as sharing how he came to be in the privileged position of learning directly from Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Lord Jamar asks Dr Wesley Muhammad to respond directly to the points put forward by Paul Guthrie regarding specifically the charge that W.D. Fard was actually teaching Bhuddism and not Islam, and also the location of Mecca. Continue reading

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Mercury, Vaccines, Autism & Black Boys

U ain’t know? – Mr. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was asked by Minister Louis Farrakhan to speak at the Million Man March Anniversary which took place on Oct. 15, 2015. The following was his recorded message which was aired again during the follow-up gathering in Chicago, IL. Oct. 18, 2015.

Watch the full program including Minister Farrakhan’s address at

via Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Mercury, Vaccines, Autism & Black Boys – YouTube.