The 8 Best Alternatives to Patreon

I’d also add which is black owned..

Looking to crowdfund your next project? These Patreon alternatives can help you do just that.

“Thank you to my Patreons, I’ll see you guys next time,” is probably one of the most frequently heard sentences from content creators on YouTube.

Many content creators, especially those with fewer subscribers on YouTube, rely on funds from their supporters to keep their channels running. But because giving out banking details on the internet is a dangerous move, many direct their supporters to crowdfunding websites like Patreon.

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Godcast Episode 131: Dr. Umar Johnson

I’m glad Jamar asked him all the tough questions… and if u look below u can see how he felt about the interview after the fact… Umar’s ego is outlandish….

Godcast Episode #131: Dr. Umar Johnson has entered the chat.

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Ex-ESPN host Jemele Hill slammed for urging black athletes to spurn white colleges

I don’t see an issue especially since the HBCU were created and funded by YTs to begin with…

Former ESPN host Jemele Hill is being slammed as ‘racist’ and ‘pro-segregationist’ for urging African-American athletes to spurn predominantly white colleges in favor of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). Continue reading

$12.3 billion in Gaddafi’s frozen account in Belgium ‘disappears’

Color me surprised (insert sarcasm here)…. it was ALL about the money and what he was doin in Afrika…

Local Belgian media has revealed that about 10 billion euros ($12.3 billion) have disappeared from four frozen Euroclear Bank accounts belonging to two Libyan state agencies.

The accounts containing 16.1 billion euros of state funds were frozen since March 2011 in accordance with a United Nations resolution as part of sanctions against the late Muammar Gaddafi’s inner circle, reports weekly newspaper Le Vif. Continue reading

Ghana to launch Universal QR CODE for payments this year–VP Bawumia – The Presidency, Republic of Ghana

Just remember stories like these when people try to tell you Afrika is backwater and backwards… when AmeriKKKa is so technically and intellectually behind much of the world..

Ghana will this year launch a new payment method using universal QR codes, Vice President Bawumia has announced.

Vice President Bawumia announced this next level of Government’s digitisation agenda on Saturday, July 6, at the closing ceremony of the  2019 Diaspora Celebration and Homecoming summit in Accra. Continue reading

“Why Was Black Generation X Fatherless?: A Brief Statement On Why Many Black Men “Left” the Family In The 1970s” by T. Hasan Johnson, Ph.D. – Black Masculinism and New Black Masculinities

Great read….If I had not met my wife, I most def would have retired from dating, which I kind of did in a lot of ways….. divide and conquer is working…

I have known pissed off Black men all my life. The permanent scowl I saw them wear taught me much, but it wasn’t until young adulthood that I found out the plethora of reasons why they—no, WE—wore it. In a short period of time between the 1960s and 1970s, the following policies became ensconced in law, dramatically changing reality for Black males nationally. Continue reading

» Black People and the Crowd Economy

One viable way to economically empower ourselves on the low…

I read Antonio Moore’s article Black Wealth Hardly Exists, Even When You Include NBA, NFL And Rap Stars and found it to be spot-on in its analysis of the current situation of the average Black family and their lack of wealth the dearth of Black home ownership and a true path forward. One of the first things that struck me in his article was the fact the so many Black celebrities fame and wealth are talked about in the news and on social media, but only upon in-depth research are you able to find the reality of Black social and economic daily life. I think about the Black people that I know are on the front line of this battle for economic empowerment and the pursuit of the American dream of home ownership. Continue reading