On ‘Jackson Five Nostrils,’ Creole vs. ‘Negro’ and Beefing Over Beyoncé’s ‘Formation’

Good read and nice pointing out the colorism that exists in Creole communities..

I was born and raised in New Awlins and never miss the opportunity to remind folks of that. So when Beyoncé’s video for “Formation” dropped on Saturday, I, like the majority of my homegirls, was hype.

I wasn’t excited because I’m a certified Beyoncé stan, because the video is visually stunning, or because this seemed to be the Blackest iteration of Beyoncé yet. I was hype because she seemed to be reppin’ New Awlins hard, and not in a tepid “I heart N.O.” kind of way, but more in line with our playfully defiant brand of Blackness. That she unleashed the video during Mardi Gras weekend? It just couldn’t get any better!
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Beyoncé’s “Formation” is Visually Powerful…But the Lyrics Don’t Match It

My thoughts exactly…

I wanted you to watch the video first before I said my peace.

There really isn’t a lot to say about the visuals themselves.  Katrina, Black Lives Matter, “stop shooting us”, the police with their hands up after witnessing a dance by a young black man, Beyoncé drowning on a police car in New Orleans; all of it is an homage to a culture that is stigmatized when the heirs of it display it but monetized when appropriated and watered down.  Add to that the fact that Beyoncé apparently directed this and you have the feeling that she might have missed a calling that could have brought her both critical and mass acclaim.

The problem comes when you separate the track from the video.  I have a little exercise for you; read the lyrics all the way through once.
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