Meet the Senegalese man using home materials to create Afro style Sneakers | EYEGAMBIA


Cheikh Mbacke Thiam also known as Cheikh Dal which translates as shoe in the Wolof language, is a Senegalese entrepreneur and innovator. He started learning the art of fashion at a very young age and was introduced to shoemaking by his brother. Cheikh started his craft by making shoes for children and eventually fell in love with it. 

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Vic Mensa Giving Away Over 10,000 Pairs of Shoes In Answer to ‘Bait Truck’ Incident

good biz Vic…. FTP

In an answer to the highly criticized sting operation that used “bait trucks” full of shoes to lure potential Chicago youth, Vic Mensa is hosting an event to give away footwear for the local community.

The rapper’s SaveMoneySaveLife has organized a shoe drive which will be hosted this weekend. It comes after videos went viral of Englewood residents confronting police officers over planting trucks filled with Nike shoes in the predominately Black neighborhood to entice stealing. Continue reading