Horrifying Dash Cam Shows Cops Strip Woman Naked & Rape Her on the Roadside

Aren’t they only supposed to allow female cops to search female suspects??? Or is that for YT?

Houston, TX — On Friday, TFTP reported that the officers responsible for the public rape of an innocent woman on the side of the road would not be charged. After hearing the news, the attorney for Charnesia Corley announced that they had dash cam video of this sexual assault and they promised to release it. Continue reading

Border Patrol Refuses to Return $41,000 Seized From Texas Nurse Who Saved Money to Open Medical Clinic

I would say ignorance of the law is no excuse BUT we know YTs dip out the country all the time with more than 10k… more racial profiling with a lil blackmail and larceny….

A decade-long dream to open a medical clinic in southern Nigeria was just one flight away from coming true for Anthonia Nwaorie. But the Texas nurse saw her plan cut short when U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials told her they would seize every penny of the more than $41,000 she had saved to make it happen. Continue reading